Food9 best contactless digital QR code menus for restaurants


9 best contactless digital QR code menus for restaurants

Interactive menus are taking the place of the traditional menus that were once offered in restaurants. The restaurant’s online ordering page allows customers to simply place orders and pay from there, owing to interactive menus resulting from technological innovation.

In contrast to the unconventional use of traditional menus, where customers must interact with employees only to place an order, an interactive QR code menu is a cutting-edge tool that rapidly directs visitors to your online ordering page.

With the help of technology like a restaurant digital QR code menu app, a QR code generator, and other restaurant software, your restaurant can offer contactless menus to your customers.

Before we discuss the finest contactless digital QR code menus for restaurants, let’s first discuss the differences between interactive menus, digital menus, and traditional menus.

The difference between traditional, digital, and interactive menus

A restaurant’s menu is a key component. It is used to display the food and drinks that your establishment offers. However, the modern restaurant industry provides a variety of menu types. A conventional, digital, and interactive menu are all available.

The typical menu style is printed on paper and laminated for durability. Traditional restaurants frequently employ this menu style, allowing patrons to peruse it before calling a waiter to place their order.

However, a restaurant’s digital menu is a more comprehensive form of a menu. Digital menus include those that you can view on your phone, those that you can only view on restaurant websites, and those that you can see on the digital menu board in chain restaurants. Both computerized and conventional menus require you to seek a waiter’s attention to the place your food and drink orders.

Interactive and digital menus, however, also have similarities. A QR code menu can be created from digital menus. Customers can scan this digital QR code menu to see a restaurant’s view-only page menu.

An interactive menu is the last type of menu that uses QR technology. Customers can scan a QR code on an interactive QR code menu to make an order right away on the online ordering page and pay immediately without waiting for the staff’s assistance.

Other benefits of an interactive menu

There are many advantages you can get from an interactive menu. Here are some of those:

  1. Restaurants can cater to customers in a contactless manner.
  2. Restaurant owners can easily edit and update their menus without reprinting QR codes.
  3. Restaurants can offer an optimized interactive menu for a seamless ordering process.
  4. Interactive menus are useful for quick table turnover and cater to many target customers in your restaurant.
  5. Interactive menus are cost-effective since they help you cut costs for printing and additional workforce.
  6. Interactive menus can collect sales analytics to determine the best-sellers in your menu.
  7. Interactive menus can easily integrate with POS systems for better business operations.

9 best contactless QR code menu builders

Here are the top nine QR code menu maker tools for creating QR code menus for restaurants.


Restaurant digital QR code menu software MENU TIGER includes various practical features. It can produce a website, QR code menu, and mobile-optimized ordering page for a smooth ordering transaction.

Additionally, the software enables restaurants to offer contactless ordering, integrate cashless payment methods, and personalize a QR code menu. Additionally, it has a built-in tipping option, enables you to manage many branches from a single account, allows you to arrange restaurant promotions, and offers sales and data analytics to support the expansion of your business.

Due to its language localization function, MENU TIGER also enables you to serve consumers from other countries.

The monthly price for the plan with online and QR code ordering options is $56. All MENU TIGER subscription plans also provide a free trial.

2. MenuDrive

Restaurant software called MenuDrive also creates menus with QR codes. For the restaurant industry, it offers a platform for online ordering. It enables the food service sector to create a QR code with a logo that strengthens your brand and aids prospective customers in remembering your establishment.

A monthly subscription to MenuDrive costs $149. It permits your restaurant to use all of its features for a one-time setup fee. It contains features like editable tip suggestions and sample menu designs that a restaurant may use.

3. Menuflow

Menuflow is a restaurant menu software that helps restaurants create and manage QR code menus. It helps deliver a better dining experience for customers with an optimized QR code menu ordering page. Menuflow offers a safer, more efficient, and helps improve business operations.

The plan starts at $25 per month, which includes creating a single menu, location, and email support. Restaurants can also purchase contactless QR cards for one dollar and custom QR menu cards for $1.50.

4. Beaconstac

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Beaconstac introduced a QR code menu creator builder for restaurants and retail brands. It has an easy menu builder system that restaurant owners and managers can use.

With a pricing of $60 to $499 per month, business owners can create a PDF digital menu and QR code menu with their logo that they can edit and update anytime.

5. One2Menu

One2Menu is an online menu software that promises to help restaurants create their digital menu in no more than 30 minutes.

A monthly subscription price of $99 to $299 is needed to create an NFC or a QR code-powered digital menu that customers can scan and view using their smartphones. It also features a Google My Business auto-update feature for restaurant accounts whenever their menu gets updated.

6. menumodo

menumodo software creates a basic QR code menu with an online restaurant menu. The QR code menu is linked to the restaurant’s view-only menu. Then, customers can browse and choose their orders, and relay them to their designated waitstaff.

A yearly menumodo subscription fee of $150 provides restaurant owners and admins with a digital menu with likeable menu items, which is added to a customers’ Favorites list, so repeat orders are easier.

7. iMenuPro

iMenuPro is a QR code menu maker that allows restaurants to create a customized QR code menu where they can change the colors and add a logo.

The software requires a $15 monthly subscription for restaurants to create a customized QR code menu that redirects customers to the restaurant’s view-only menu.

8. Spotmenus

Spotmenus is a digital menu and marketing platform that creates a picture and text-based digital menu. This software uses a dynamic QR code menu which enables restaurants to change and edit their menus but retains their generated or posted menu QR code.

9. Presto 

Presto has a contactless menu system. Presto Contactless Kit is software that creates a QR code menu for restaurants. Customers can scan the QR code, view the restaurant’s menu, and place their orders, which the system sends directly to the restaurant’s POS system.

A one-time fee of $780 per user can create a contactless system for restaurants that offers a virtual waitlist, loyalty programs, and mobile payment.


Traditional paper menus are slowly being replaced with digital menus in a QR code that is accessible using phones.

Apparently, because QR code menus allow customers to conveniently view and even order and pay through the menu, the restaurant industry is slowly employing QR code menu makers in their business systems.

Be sure to consider the capabilities and cost of the QR code menu builder you select for your business. It’s critical to consider the advantages and benefits you’ll get from using these QR code menu builders.

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