FitnessTrain fitness and earn using lifestyle app in Metaverse.


Train fitness and earn using lifestyle app in Metaverse.

The Metaverse is known as the network of interconnected virtual worlds which often referred to as the incorporate Internet. It is focused on immersion and the feeling of presence generated by virtual reality or VR; it is the combination of human senses and artificial intelligence to sense motion and reaction both at the same time. The term Metaverse came from a sci-fi novel created by Neal Stephenson in 1992 known as “Snow Crash”. The concept is to spending time together and communicates with other users attending any kind of workshop in virtual reality.

So if you are interested in doing your fitness training with other fitness achievers and earn at the same time using web3 lifestyle app in the Metaverse please visit best move to earn app ALTROMAX and join our team of extreme and expert fitness athletes. You can do a trail and test our application. By doing that you will get an idea of what are you looking for and what kind of service we are providing both at the same time. There are tons of greatest services we are providing in ALTROMAX. Some of the greatest features you can enjoy are given bellow:

Maintain your desired body shape using Metaverse:

Fully functional virtual workouts you can do which will likely make you feel to involve 360-degree landscapes, audio and live- workouts with avatars of your fellow team mates. You can customize your own avatar. You can watch the videos at the ALTROMAX

YouTube channel and you will get a clear view about our virtual reality environment. The idea behind creating our Metaverse workout system is very simple. Users will be able to utilize the digital space to improve their skills and implement in real world fitness and health as they play to earn experiences. Workouts are planned to motivate you to complete your daily task in an enjoyable way.

Move to earn:

We are really passionate about bringing people close together to stay fit and healthy together and having fun together. But in the mean time you can move to earn by staying connected with us. There are huge upside potential to earn in Metaverse using our system. You can do hosting events, design your virtual space and can do branding of that space. You can invest in crypto. When you will be a professional level athlete you can create virtual workout program success fully.

You can participate in play-to-earn games:

In our system the concept behind play –to-earn games is simple. If you participate and win the fitness competition you will earn crypto currencies or NFT’s products. Normally winning participants gets the money by selling that crypto or in game NFT’s. Both of those can be exchanged for fiat cash. If you use cash app to make a direct deposit system of your paycheck you will be able to cash your prize money easily.

Our Fully functional virtual workout system will get you out of your comfort zone through our variety of instructions and different classes will be taken by our expert trainers. You will get to experience an excellent virtual fitness ecosystem in Metaverse. In ALTROMAX you will enjoy great classes whether you are beginner to fitness or health and you will be the most experienced over period. Just join to our first session and we believe you would love to come back. You will meet tons of new virtual friends. Because we believe everyone loves a massive family.

Bring yourself in the action with the VR-ready ALTROMAX fitness game with the greatest of all coaching and competition in this sector you will really feel and reach your dreams. Because the future is here.



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