FashionWhy Luvmehair TAG wigs are so popular?


Why Luvmehair TAG wigs are so popular?


Do you know Luvmehair? They recently launched a wig category called TAG wigs. The full name of TAG wig is “throw on & go wig”, which means that this wig can let you put it on and go. TAG wigs have now become a very popular and beautiful wig. Many black women in North America will buy a wig like this as a daily decoration. Why is Luvmehair’s throw on and go wig so popular? Read on to learn about throw on & go wigs.

Why Luvmehair designs throw on & go?

Before introducing throw on & go, I think you must be wondering why Luvmehair designed this type of wig. In fact, “throw on & go” was more of an adjective to describe the ease of wearing wigs before Luvmehair came up with the definition of “throw on & go”. And now, Luvmehair hopes that throw on & go wig can go from a description to a real wig that can really let you put it on and go.

After interviewing and researching its fans, Luvmehair found that many women do not have professional knowledge of wig wearing and care, so it often takes a lot of time to learn and practice how to wear and care for wigs. Even, some women need to spend three or four hundred dollars a month to find a hair stylist to help them install, maintain and remove wigs.

Luvmehair believes that the process of discovering one’s own beauty should be relaxing and enjoyable. Therefore, Luvmehair spent a lot of time designing this series of wigs that are easy to wear, but also very beautiful, and do not require a lot of time to take care of.

What make Luvme’s throw on & go wigs special?

1. TAG wig could install in 10 seconds

The most important advantage of throw on & go wig is that it can be installed quickly. Since its wig structure is very clear and the installation steps are very simple, even a wig novice can easily learn and complete the installation in a short time.

If you already have some experience in using wigs, then congratulations, it is definitely not difficult for you to complete the installation of throw on & go wig within ten seconds.

2. TAG wig have beautiful curls

Do you like curly wigs? If you love curls, then you’ll love throw on & go wig. Throw on & go wig’s curls are carefully styled and styled by Luvmehair. Its curl and curl direction make it beautiful and suitable for women of any age.

For older women, this wig can make them look younger. For younger women, this wig has a retro on-trend feel that can make them look very stylish

3. TAG wig is easy to care

Throw on & go wig is a standard easy care wig. An easy care wig can save you a lot of time and bring you great happiness. Throw on and go wig is different from ordinary wigs in that it can be worn directly without much care. Plus, you don’t need to put too much oil and conditioner while you’re maintaining it.

4. TAG wig is glueless wig

The installation of the TAG wig does not require the use of any glue. All you need to do is put it on your head and snap the hairpin inside the cap. Therefore, TAG wig is a good choice for wig users with glue allergies.

5. The price of TAG wig is affordable

Throw on and go wig is not overpriced. Compared to expensive lace wigs, throw on and go wigs are very cheap. But it can bring you no less pleasant experience than a lace wig. This is why throw on and go wig is liked by many people.

6. TAG wig is able to use for a long time

In the world of wigs, virgin remy human hair is the highest quality raw material. Luvmehair uses high quality virgin remy human hair to make each wig. As a result, their throw on and go wig tends to last a long time. According to the reactions of its fans, Luvmehair’s wigs can even be used for more than three years. However, according to their published information, most Luvmehair wigs can be used for more than a year with proper maintenance.

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