Where to buy clothes online and that everything looks good on you

Buy clothes online

For some time now, my idea of ​​NOT buying clothes online has been disappearing and becoming a YES I WANT. And it is that with all the facilities that are given to us, anyone says no to the one who brings everything home.

I declare myself in favor of online clothing purchases!

Previously, for example, I thought that by not trying on the clothes at that moment, by not touching the fabric or seeing the garment on, I would not know what I could find.

I discovered that there are many options to avoid the disgust that this garment is too small, too big or that it is definitely not what you expect. Let’s see how to buy women tops online store that you have left!

Where to buy clothes online

You choose your Personal Shopper. Do you want to know what an Online Personal Shopper does for you?

This one focuses on you so that what you buy is useful and looks great on you.

No worries about whether the store is reliable or not, you have an expert who is always with you and knows where to buy and what to buy for you.

You receive at home what you like, with the certainty that it will look great on you.

  • In recognized stores. Whether it’s on the recommendation of a friend, if you know it’s official or it’s a very busy store.

How to recognize a reliable online clothing store

After having seen thousands of websites where you can buy clothes online, now I distinguish them from the first one.

In general terms, I would say that the good ones:

  •         They are usually very clean and minimalist in appearance, tastefully designed and very intuitive.
  •         They allow us to see the comments or evaluations of clients, on their products or services.
  •         They are clear with prices.
  •         They have easy access for you to pages where they explain shipping costs, waiting times, the return policy, legal terms, etc.
  •         They do not have misspellings or poor translations.
  •         They allow payment by PayPal. PayPal is the safest way to pay online, if a page has this payment method, you will be insured.

The bad ones are noted:

  •         Quite the opposite of the 6 good points and,
  •         If your browser tells you that the site is not secure… mmm… better pay attention to it.

How to know what clothes to buy online.

  1.   Having a Personal Shopper. If you are like me, who bought for fashion and to see the influencers on Instagram, you will know that buying the same thing does not mean that we look as good as them. With the service of a shopping and image expert, you’ll learn how to make smart purchases and dress in the style you’ve always wanted.
  2.   Review the product features. Seeing if what you are going to receive is cotton or polyester tells you more about what the garment will be like.
  3.   Check the size chart. It is very important that the website has a size chart and you can consult it before buying and ensure the size you choose.
  4.   Check reviews. I trust more the products that someone has already bought. If they liked it a lot they say so and if they liked it very little, too. They usually give you reception time data, if it is what you saw in the images, if it is comfortable, if it feels good, if it is well made, etc.
  5.   Knowing the brand. If you know the brand, you are making sure you do not have problems with your size.

Shopping for clothes online makes you very happy!

Three things make me very happy:

  1.   You usually pay the same or less when shopping for clothes online.
  2.   When they knock on your door and it’s to deliver a package you’ve ordered, your mood changes, and when it’s time for unboxing and you see your order Yei! It is super motivating to receive everything at the door of your house.
  3.   That the clothes fit you just as you thought. For this to be the case, you have to know what colors and shapes suit you. Here is a post where I talk about how a personal shopper is your best alternative when you buy clothes online.

So I definitely prefer online shopping, with my Personal Shopper, with my savings and with all the advantages that I see and that I have told you about. I hope I have cleared you of any doubt. Thank you for reading!

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