FashionWhat Women Want from The Perfect Handbag


What Women Want from The Perfect Handbag

When it comes to handbags, there are so many options for women to choose from, and this includes tote bags, shoulder bags, clutches and more. But which one do you like? And when you want to spend good money, which one is the best for you? 

On top of all these questions, a handbag holds all your daily items, keeps your valuables from being damaged and stolen, and is most importantly a reflection of your personal style. So, what is it that a woman is looking for in a perfect handbag? This guide outlines what these factors are. 

They Want: Quality

When it comes to quality, women don’t cut corners. For example, in order to save money for an LV designer handbag, women will save money for months or years. This is all due to their confidence in the quality of these brands. Although a fake bag might look the same, women are willing to splurge on the real thing. 

The craftsmanship of the hardware, inner lining, and seams of a bag determines its quality. Since a woman’s handbag serves as her shadow, it’s safe to prioritise quality over cost. 

They Want: Versatility

If you’re splurging on a good quality bag, it follows that you would want the bag to be versatile enough to handle all your daily needs that may arise. This is the same mentality women have, and it’s exactly why versatile handbags for women are always in vogue. 

Take the clutch for example, it is a popular bag that should be in everyone’s closet. It’s usually held in the hands for more fancy occasions, but for more casual spaces, you can simply add a strap and dress it down or up, depending on which strap you add.  

They Want: Comfort

Now that there’s a quality bag that is multifaceted enough to be versatile, a woman looks for a bag that’s comfortable. This comes down to the bag’s material and design and is important as bags are often worn by women for hours at a time. 

The majority of body types are better suited to soft and light bags, which are also easier on the shoulders. If a handbag is too heavy, it can be uncomfortable to wear for hours. Another thing to consider is the padding on the straps and within the bag. Bags made of soft, slouchy material will be more comfortable against your side as you walk with them, for example. 

They Want: Spaciousness

No matter how small a woman’s bag may look on the outside, it’s ideal if it is as spacious as it can be on the inside. This is because, depending on the occasion, women will want to carry more or less on a given day. After heading back from work, she might want a bag that is big enough to carry her phone, electronics, snacks, and her wallet, but still look stylish enough to take to the after-work drinks party. 

This doesn’t just mean the bag has to be spacious and that’s it. The inner of the bag has to be well lined with enough pockets to remain organised and durable all at once. 

Wrapping Up

If this guide shows you anything, it’s that women depend on their handbags for their quality of life, and if you’re planning to give the lady in your life a gift, or understand what it is that women see as a good bag, hopefully, this guide helped you. 

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