What Not to Wear in 2022: The Trends We’re Leaving Behind

This year, give your wardrobe a much-needed update by ditching your clothes that are no longer popular. With new styles constantly emerging and fashion trends from the past making a comeback, cleaning out your closet will give you more space and will give you the freedom to fill your closet with all of this year’s hottest new clothes and accessories. But don’t worry, you do not have to get rid of all of your outdated outfits. Simply set your favorite pieces aside for later, and wait for them to become popular again.

To help you revamp your wardrobe this year, we have created a list of style tips and tricks from some of the leading business experts from around the world, to help you know what not to wear in 2022. Read on to learn about the trends that we’re leaving behind in 2022, and how you can give your closet a major upgrade this year.

Say See You Later to Skinny Jeans

Gigi Ji, Head of Brand and Business Development at Kokolu

Skinny jeans have been in style for almost a decade, but the days of wearing tight-legged jeans are over, so you might want to put your skinny jeans in the back of your closet, or trade them in for some new fun styles. Mix up your wardrobe this year by adding a mix of low-rise and high-rise jeans to the mix, and ditch your skinny jeans for 2022. While there will always be a time and a place for skinny jeans, 2022 is all about feeling comfortable in your clothes, and creating your own unique look. This year is all about embracing several 90’s inspired fashion trends, with straight-leg jeans and boot-cuts making a comeback. Instead of sticking to the outdated skinny jean trend, take your style to the next level this year by opting for a pair of chic flare jeans, along with a vintage graphic tee and your favorite pair of booties.

Goodbye Stilettos, and Hello Platform Shoes

Karim Hachem, VP of eCommerce at La Blanca

If you struggle with wearing heels and are tired of them hurting your feet, then you will love the latest shoe trends for 2022. Say goodbye to your stilettos and say hello to platform shoes. While stilettos may be cute, nothing is worse than the foot pain you get after wearing your heels for hours on end. So in 2022, give your arches a much-needed break with a new up and coming trend. But don’t worry, you can still wear sky high heels, just with an added chunky sole. Platform shoes come in several versatile styles, and are the perfect post-pandemic shoe for 2022.

Get Rid of Your Cold-Shoulder Tops

Georgie Dorfman, CEO of All My Love

Don’t you hate it when you walk up to a clothing rack, see a blouse in a beautiful pattern, and pick it up, only to see that the shoulder fabric has been cut out? While the trend of wearing tops and blouses with the shoulders cut out used to be popular, that is not the case anymore. Ditch your cold-shoulder tops for a more confident look, and remember that sometimes more fabric is actually more fashionable and stylish. Most cold shoulder tops have peaked, so either leave this trend behind in 2022, or find a cute blazer to layer on top of your blouse.

Patterned Leggings: Were They Ever Actually in Style?

Jordan Duran, Founder and Designer at 6 Ice

As you probably know, leggings are one of the hottest fashion trends for 2022. However, patterned leggings go into the category of what not to wear, and has many people wondering, were they ever actually in style? One of the reasons why leggings are so popular is because of their versatility. A solid color pair of leggings can be worn in so many different ways. For example, black leggings can be worn with a trench coat for a sophisticated look, or they can also be worn as layers, to the gym, or even just for lounging around your home with your favorite T-shirt. Patterned leggings on the other hand, typically have a very “busy” design, making them more difficult to pair with clothes, and more noticable if you tend to wear them often.

The Dad Sneakers Phase is Coming to a Close

Cesar Cruz, Co-Founder of Sebastian Cruz Couture

If you need to do some spring cleaning for 2022, get rid of your chunky “dad sneakers” and switch to a slim sneaker style for an up to date look. While this trend was popular on the runway for several years and had many young adults obsessed with wearing professor-like hiking shoes, this is a trend that we will be leaving behind, and hopefully never looking back. Instead, opt for a pair of retro color blocking tennis shoes, or suede sneakers, for an ultra-posh look with a fun fabric, that is more on trend for 2022.

We Love Our Animals, but Animal Print is Out

Eric Elggren, Co-Founder of Andar

While animal print is a fashion statement that will never fully go out of style, this year we are ditching the animal print and are opting for a sophisticated glow up. We all love sporting some funky animal-print clothes every now and then, but for 2022, let the animals keep their stripes and spots, and instead choose sleek metallics to make a fashion statement. Another reason why the animal print trend is dying out is because 2022 is all about creating a capsule wardrobe, with neutral pieces that can easily be mixed and matched, giving you the ultimate collection of purposeful items. Since animal print is so noticeable and loud, chances are that you will only want to wear each piece a few times, or will start to feel like you are repeating it too often. Don’t worry, you can still keep your favorite cheetah-print blouse for special occasions, but leave the rest of your animal print behind for 2022.

Leave Behind Your Oversized Shades

Haim Medine, Creative Director at Mark Henry Jewelry

In case you haven’t seen the latest celebrity sunglasses trends, oversized shades are out, and sleek, slim sunglasses are now in. The days of wearing clunky sunglasses that take over your entire face are gone. Instead, slim sunglasses are a fabulous alternative to your outdated aviators and oversized shades. They still provide ample sun protection, while giving your face more room to shine. This retro trend has been so popular on social media lately, and is here to stay. So this summer, upgrade your accessories and add in some stylish slim shades to your wardrobe for a dazzling, on-trend look.

Switch Your Hoodie for a Crewneck

Omid Semino, CEO and Founder of Diamond Mansion

While hoodies have not gone completely out of style, in 2022, switch your hoodie for an oversized, comfy crewneck sweatshirt. Hoodies can be comfortable, however, oftentimes the actual hood can be unnecessary. Especially nowadays with hats and beanies becoming so popular, the hood on your hoodie is usually not even worn and just takes up space. A crewneck sweatshirt, on the other hand, can be worn in several different ways for a classic, athletic-inspired look.

Trade in your Corporate Suit and Enjoy Looking Good

Anthea O’Connor, Stylist & Presenter The Fashion Edit

When I see that a client has a skirt suit, they go in the bin straight away. It’s not 1989. Even offices which used to be quite conservative have relaxed their stance. And that’s a good thing. You can dress well for the office without wearing that traditional corporate suit, and I think the pandemic has shown that. What the pandemic has shown is that the old ways of thinking – that men have to wear a suit, and it has to be navy or black, women have to be in heels – are out. But there is a lot of power in looking pulled-together. Enjoy looking good. Structure and fit are your friends, they will help you avoid looking sloppy. Buy something you truly love that is a beautiful, special piece and wear the heck out of it and enjoy it every day. Having less, but pieces that you truly love and feel great in, is much more rewarding and satisfying than having cupboards overflowing with items you never get to.

Ditch The Tie and Wear Something Comfortable

Matt Jensen, CEO of MJ Bale

We used to think that scene in Casino, where Robert De Niro took a phone call with no trousers on, was amusing, but it kind of became the Zoom reality during the initial lockdowns, didn’t it? For external video meetings I tend to wear something neat and comfortable so I feel good and present well: a white cotton poplin shirt is perfect for summer or a knit for the colder months. No jacket required – it’s a bit overdone for Zoom calls. The tie has been on the sidelines for a few years now. We have a fairly relaxed policy – the expectation is to be comfortable but professional. My failsafe outfit: It’s been the same for 20 years, and has served me well – a navy wool suit, a navy or sky-blue shirt and brown suede loafers. No tie.

All in all, we hope that you are now up to date with all of the latest styles for this year, and know what not to wear in 2022 and what trends we’re leaving behind. Remember to always choose pieces that are stylish, functional, and versatile, so that you can build a capsule wardrobe, filled with clothes that will never go out of style. Most of all, as long as you feel confident and happy in the clothes you wear, then that is what counts. Happy shopping!

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