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Top 7 brands dealing with curly extension human hair


Not all human hair extensions are crafted equally, and researching the ever-expanding market these days is no easy feat, to say the least, particularly if you’re browsing online. You don’t want to invest in curly extension human hair bundles only to have a “what I ordered” vs. “what I received” problem when your curly human hair extensions are delivered to your salon. Cheap-looking, mediocre curly human hair extensions are simply not popular. You will despise seeing it. It will frustrate your clients, and we want to assist you in avoiding it.

We urge buyers to be proactive, whether you are just seeking something for yourself, a well-established or rising hair brand, or a hair re-seller. Sourcing quality curly extension human hair weaves, closures, and frontals are key for any business to succeed.

We put in the legwork to guide you to lead the way for your next bulk buy, so you don’t have to. Continue reading to find out which curly extension human hair brands made the cut. 

1. India Hair International

India Hair International (IHI) is one of the world’s leading direct makers and global distributors of quality Indian human hair, including curly extension human hair bundles. India Hair International, with a production factory in India and various warehouses in the United States, provides immediate access to India’s highest-quality human hair.

Individual buyers, salon chains, hair wholesalers, and merchants of all sizes can all benefit from the curly human hair extension brand’s products.

India Hair International’s curly human hair extensions are ethically sourced from Hindu temples in India. The curly extension human hair company specializes in 100% virgin Indian human hair and features a color palette of 28 unique colors. IHI also offers savings for businesses.

IHI’s virgin Indian curly extensions are produced from superior, untreated, unprocessed human hair and feature soft, lively curls that you can choose from various curly patterns. They offer immediate shipment within the US.

2. Alipearl Hair


Alipearl Hair is a popular e-commerce curly extension human hair brand. Alipearl, which has a physical facility in the United States, is well-known for its high-quality textures. It offers a wide range of products with textures from straight to curly and deep waves. Alipearl has a physical location in New York and warehouses overseas, and provides fast and free shipping.

3. Dolago

Dolago is another curly extension human hair company that has swiftly gained popularity within the hair extension industry. They are based in China and specialize in high-quality virgin extensions, wigs, and weaves. Your clients can effortlessly get their desired appearance with various styles, lengths, textures, and colors from Dolago Hair. What’s even better, you can custom-order the colors and styles.

Dolago’s most significant edge is product engineering. They have exceptional technology for producing hair products, in particular. However, the most significant drawback is its price. And you should be aware that you get what you pay for.

4. Hair Factory

Hair Factory is a very popular brand that supplies the highest quality curly human hair extensions made from 100% pure human hair. Established first in New York in 1985 as a mail order catalog, Hair Factory is a small independent company, started by women, for women, with a very loyal customer base.

You will not find any synthetic or overly processed hair from HairFactory. They believe that your purchase is an investment—and should last you more than a few weeks. They offer the highest quality human hair weaves and wigs available on the market, paired with superior, personalized customer service that our loyal customers have come to expect from us for over 30 years.

5. Klaiyi Hair

Klaiyi Hair is an online-based distributor of virgin curly human hair extensions and wigs. When it comes to human hair, Klaiyi Hair offers it all: straight, wavy, curly, and even 613 extensions. Browse Klaiyi Hair’s selection if you’re looking for budget-friendly, human hair extensions for your company.

The curly extension human hair brand offers a 15-day guarantee with fast and free shipping from their warehouses in the States and supports installment payments. However, the brand is infamous for its customer service.

Pro Tip: Klaiyi Hair is not a good option if you want curly human hair extensions from a single donor. India Hair International is the best place for untreated curly extensions.

6. 5S Hair

Founded in the 1980s, 5S is another wholesale supplier of curly human hair extensions. The curly extension human hair brand is also the first vendor to provide Vietnamese hair. 5S Hair has its own factory, which allows the brand to manage the quality of the products from start to finish. 5S Hair is the best option for anyone who has recently started their own company because of the high quality and low cost of acquiring wholesale hair extensions.

7. K-Hair

K-Hair is one of the biggest Vietnamese wholesale hair extension suppliers, with more than three decades of experience. K-Hair offers factory rates for buyers of wholesale hair extensions since it owns a hair factory, which is good news for business owners and re-sellers.

Their extensions are made of 100% virgin and Remy hair in various styles. Their specialist can help you personalize or purchase wholesale hair extensions.


As previously mentioned, not all human hair extensions are crafted equally in the ever-expanding market. So if you are searching for the best hair for your business, there’s no better curly extension human hair brand than India Hair International.  If you are up for some experimentation then you can check out their other range of hair extensions and wigs that have top class quality.

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