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Top 5 Best Denim Trends of 2021

Denim trends, like any trend, become popular at a time, but continue to evolve as more trends take their place for even more distinctive and appealing discoveries. Not only do trends indicate the progress and evolution of styles and tastes at a given moment, but they also hint at the next best thing, giving us room to try out new designs. With denim trends originating in the mid-1950s, they have evolved over the years to include trends that not only come and go but also develop every time they become popular. Now in 2021, denim trends, are more pronounced than ever, mostly due to social media and renowned influencers heavily impacting what next trend to follow.  Keeping up with the fashion movement shouldn’t be too difficult, especially with the following list of the top five best denim trends of 2021.

Distressed Denim

Distressed, or ripped, denim is loosely-fitted jeans providing a more relaxed look but with tears in the denim in the knee section that range from subtle cuts to more pronounced and larger tears. The varying boldness in the flair of distressed denim has made them quite a popular trend among many celebrities and influencers, especially those that appeal to the rugged and daring look of street-style fashion. Distressed denim has been in trend for a while now, and even proves to be versatile throughout every season with numerous variations of distressed denim showcased on fashion runways. Its versatility in a style easily adapts to just about any wardrobe, while complementing the outfit with a youthful and fresh appeal without the need for additional accessories and unnecessary thick layers.

Bootcut Denim

Bootcut jeans are back in style, and seemingly more popular than ever. These jeans go well with lug soles and a tucked-in top that combine for a simple yet fashionable look. The slight flare on bootcut jeans is designed to allow space for medium and high-top shoes like thick-soled boots, high-cut sneakers, strappy sandals, and even high-heels. More structured shoes with thicker soles seem to look best with these trendy jeans especially since the slight flare gives it room to show off, while flat-soled and low-top shoes just get buried beneath the flare. Since trends usually evolve each time they come and go, bootcut jeans in 2021 come in more subtle flares towards the bottom, slimmer fit, and higher-rise style, making them more adaptable and easier to match with outfits.

Baggy Denim

Baggy jeans come in several variations that essentially refer to the extra-relaxed fit and include terms like mom/dad jeans, skater jeans, wide-leg jeans, and barrel jeans. Modern baggy jeans have changed a lot since they were first trendy and have become more illusively well-fitted with some noticeable additions like the higher rise and ankle-length bottoms just above the foot. 2021 baggy jeans have adapted a more controlled loose fit that goes well with relaxed tops and most shoes without giving off an overly sagging and voluminous look. Baggy jeans look best in faded and light-washed denim, which gives it that fresh and more relaxed appearance. The oversized silhouette from baggy jeans requires a comfortable pair of shoes like chunky sneakers, pointed boots, trainers, clogs, and strappy flats or heels.

Straight-Leg Denim

Straight-leg denim sport a slim and structured straight fit reaching the waist or higher. The high-top design extends just below the ankles for more than enough room to suit most shoe styles and shapes. This denim looks best when fitted well with the proper ankle length, making them well-worth having custom-tailored. Styling straight-leg denim is the opposite of ankle jeans and hides the ankles with its extra length. Through its modernized and somewhat versatile appeal, straight-leg jeans can be paired with most low to medium-rise shoes like flat mules, low heels, flat sandals, sneakers, and loafers. For the top, denim-on-denim jackets or shirts match quite well with the structured straight fit of the jeans. The denim jacket can be buttoned down or open with the shirt tucked in or not. From there, additional styling options diversify with choices like rolling up the sleeves and affixing some accessories.

Tapered Denim

Tapered denim comes in an increasingly tapered or narrower fit towards the bottom, being wider around the thighs and slimmer around the ankles. The closed fit of tapered denim provides a more tailored and stylish look that goes well with practically anything and is essentially more of a staple than a trend. Tapered denim comes in more naturally-shaped styles that generally suit most body types and leg sizes, which is what makes them incredibly versatile. From casual to formal, and everything in between, tapered denim can go well with any style, and make them look just as good as any other fit. Due to its mass appeal and overall well-rounded look, tapered denim is a trend that seemingly won’t be disappearing any time soon.


Although trends come and go, they are inspiring and allow people to joyfully discover new and unique styles like the denim overall dress. With popular denim trends like the ones listed above, keeping in touch with what is in style should give an idea of what to expect next, especially since some of the mentioned trends are even considered staple pieces. Despite the trendy nature of denim, the ones in fashion tend to have some great deal of versatility, making them not only enjoyable to wear at the time, but also as solid everyday pieces for the long-term.


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