FashionSports Bra Guide: Women's Essential Activewear


Sports Bra Guide: Women’s Essential Activewear

A Sports Bra For Gym is an important activewear that helps support your bust and helps prevent any pain or discomfort while exercising. The primary purpose of a sports bra is that it helps in reducing gravity’s effect on your bust. This article will tell you all about sports bras and why it is essential to wear them.

What is a Sports Bra?

A Sports Bra is a part of your workout or exercise regime. It provides comfort and support and prevents your busts from injuries during a high-intensity workout. Whether you’re performing HIIT, high-intensity interval training or a low-impact activity, a Sports Bra comes in handy by relieving discomfort.

Sports Bra Impact Levels

Choosing the right Sports Bra for the gym is essential to prevent discomfort during a workout. The impact level depends on the intensity of your activities and hence can be of different types

●     Low-impact Sports Bra

This is mostly a cupless design, restricts movement, and comes in slip-n styles.

●     Medium-impact Sports Bra

This Sports Bra For Gym is best for brisk walking, cycling and weight training.

●     High Impact Sports Bra

A high-impact sports Gym Bra is designed for high-intensity training and made with a high degree of compression to provide proper support.

Types Of Sports Bras

There are various Types Of Sports Bras available, as mentioned below

Compression Bras

Compression Bras help in making sure that you retain any postoperative changes in the breasts by keeping the implants in place.

Encapsulation Bras

These Women Sports Bras help in holding or encapsulating each breast separately. The support helps lift the breast up and limits any vertical or horizontal motion.

Compression bras are designed in such a manner that they compress and push the breasts and hold them in one place. On the other hand, Encapsulation bras separate each breast giving them a defined cup structure and shape.

Racerback bras

Racerback bras are best for women of all sizes as they offer great support. These bras benefit women with large breasts as they are designed to cross and meet in the middle of the back, adding extra support to lift the bra.

How To Choose Right Fit Sport Bra

Sports Gym Bras are the best and one of the essential activewear for women. A few tips to find the right Women Sports Bra for you are

●     Band fitting

The band supporting the breasts should fit right around your rib cage, and you must be able to slip/put two fingers between the band and your body.

●     Strap adjustment

The straps should put minimal stress. For customer support, you should look for adjustable straps.

●     The right cup size

The bra size should be proper, and the cups shouldn’tshouldn’t be too small or too big.

●      Check the chafing

To prevent rubbing of the bra with the skin, look for a soft band with a well-fitted bra.

Difference Between Sports Bra and Normal Bra

This is of utmost importance; hence, you must know the difference between a Sports Bra and a regular one. A Sports Bra is an activewear spandex meant for workout sessions. The Benefits Of Sports Bra include that it helps in avoiding discomfort and prevents long-term sagging.

A normal bra is regular wear and helps augment the shape of the breasts and should not be worn during any workout session.


If you’re a fitness enthusiast or getting into a fitness regime, you must look for a high-quality Sports Bra to wear regularly. Zivame has the best Sports Bra for physical activities and workouts. With the best deals and numerous options, Zivame is the most trusted online platform to buy your Sports Bra.

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