Latest Fashion Trends in Pakistan

Though Pakistan is a developing country in terms of economy, Pakistan is in a leading race when it comes to fashion. Pakistan has many provinces, and all of them exhibit different fashions. If we are talking about traditional Pakistani fashion, the shalwar kameez provides traditional attractiveness.

Shalwar kameez is the traditional outfit of Pakistan that comes in a variety of designs, colors, styles and dresses to enhance your look and feel.

Pakistani women have a voracious obsession with clothes and are constantly looking for ways to update their wardrobes. Similarly, fashion designers and clothing brands never cease to amaze women with new trends every month.

Pakistani ladies do not compromise on quality and fabrics, which is why brands like Sapphire, Saya, Nishat and Maria B. are bringing a new revolution in the Pakistani fashion industry.

The brands come up with the brightest and boldest colors every season. Pakistani women prefer bold and bright colors to look more aesthetic and appealing.

If you are wondering about the dressing trends in Pakistan, you can check out various websites to see what is in trend these days.

In this article, there is a list of the most ubiquitous Pakistani attires that almost every woman wears.

1. Shirts with Medium Size Length

Medium-length shirts are always on the top in fashion trends. However, the choice of colors usually shifts. Recently the choices of women have shifted from light and simple to bold and bright colors. Women love to wear bold colors with beautiful patterns. The combination of dark color shades with light colors is also prevalent among women.

2. Enchanted Kurta

An enchanted kurta is a great choice if you want to wear something on occasion like a wedding. You can blend kurta with jeans. They usually come with laced or embroidered dupattas that match the top.

The fabric also matches the sleeves. Because there is a huge collection of kurta available, it depends upon your budget and how much you want to spend on your attire.

3. Frocks and gowns

These sophisticated attires are the perfect choice for a festive season. Previously frocks and gowns were only meant for party purposes. However, recent trends have changed, and they have become all-time favorite attires for casual wear.

You can find a huge variety of ready-made frocks and gowns on various Pakistani brands. Simple, printed, laced, full sleeves, half sleeves, floral and various other types of frocks are available. And they come in different colors, lengths and styles so you can make a decision easily.

4. Cigarette Pants

Cigarette pants have gained so much popularity in recent years, and they have earned prominence in the Pakistani Fashion industry. These simple, sophisticated and classy pants blend with a long shirt, kameez and casual Kurti.

Limelight, outfitters, bonanza, breakout and Saya offer a wide range of plain, simple and embroidered cigarette pants that you can match with your top.

5. Tops with Floral Patterns

As summer is near and summer is all about colors and flowers so, for this season, you can find a wide collection of floral printed tops on various brands. The exceptional color combination and perfect choice of jeans or pants can give you the best look this summer.

6. Statement Dupattas

Summer fashion also offers a wide range of simple and heavy dupattas that compete with the look of Pakistani attires. A Pakistani look is incomplete without a dupatta.

They are an amazing addition to luxurious dresses. For winters, you can look for heavy, embroidered dupattas. However, for summer, usually simple and softer dupattas are preferred.

Moreover, plain and bright colors dupattas are also in fashion. Mostly if your dress is simple, you can wear a little heavy dupatta to complete your look. Many women also wear simple shirts with heavy dupattas for occasions. Dark color dupattas with soft attire are also a good choice.

Final Thought

One of the most important aspects of anyone’s personality is their appearance, and as a lady, you want to stand out.

Aside from the above-mentioned fashion trends, you should recognize which look you can pull off successfully. You should be aware of this in order to fit your body. You should also be aware of the colors and designs in order to precisely complement your pores and skin complexion.

If you are having trouble deciding on the suitable option that perfectly complements your personality, check out Saya collection and see what’s the most up-to-date style fashion in Pakistan right now.

Experts can assist you in choosing the best decision based on your preferences and current trends.

You can also save money on summer sales offered by every fashion brand. Check out the Saya sale, khadi sale and Gul Ahmed sale today and buy aesthetic attires for you at affordable rates.

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