Large Breast Implants

Having unique tastes and living a colorful life might lead to a need for something a little more. Many women believe that having a larger breast line improves their entire look and silhouette. As a result, people may choose to get breast augmentation to achieve the desired bust size.

As with any cosmetic procedure, a highly competent cosmetic surgeon with perfect competence and a grasp of how a large breast augmentation should be conducted is critical. The surgeon will help in choosing a breast size that will allow the patient to get the results they want while not putting your health at risk.

As with natural breasts, choosing a large breast implant size has both advantages and disadvantages. It is important for patients to think about both before making such a big and sometimes irreversible choice.

Breast augmentation using implants has become very popular in Orange County, although breast implant size options and surgical preferences sometimes differ by area. Patients considering breast augmentation surgery should avoid following current trends in breast implant design since ideals change over time. When it comes to getting breast implants, the most essential thing is what is right for the body and the specific objectives, which includes picking the size and projection that is most appropriate for one’s needs.

What are Breast Implants?

Breast implants are prosthetic devices surgically implanted into the breasts. Breast implants are silicone shells packed with gel or saline. It is sometimes called a breast enlargement, breast reconstruction or breast implant procedure.

Breast Implant Types

a. Saline breast implants

These breast implants containing sterile salt water. In case the implant shell leak, the implant would collapse, and the saline would be absorbed naturally and discharged by the body. They are FDA-approved for women aged 18 and above, and give a consistent shape, firmness, and feel.

b. Structured saline breast implants

They are made of sterile salt water with an interior structure that helps the implant feel more natural.

c. Silicone breast implants

Silicone gel is used to fill silicone breast implants. The gel has a little more realistic breast tissue-like texture. In case the implant ruptures, the gel may either stay within the implant shell or leak into the breast implant pocket. A leaking silicone gel-filled implant will not collapse.

If silicone implants are used, one is required to visit plastic surgeon frequently to ensure that the implants are functioning properly. MRI or ultrasound or may be used to check the health of breast implants. It is FDA-approved for women aged 22 and older.

d. Gummy bear breast implants

commonly referred to as “gummy bear” breast implants due to their ability to retain their form even after the implant shell is damaged. The silicone gel within the implant has a thicker consistency than ordinary silicone gel implants. Additionally, these implants are more robust than conventional implants. If the implant rotates, it may result in an abnormal shape that must be corrected with a separate procedure. Gummy bear implants placement requires a longer skin incision.

e. Round breast implants

Breast implants that are round have a propensity to make breasts look fuller than implants that are form-stable. Options with a higher profile may produce even greater projections. Because spherical implants have the same form all the way around, they are less likely to rotate out of position.

f. Smooth breast implants

They provide the most luxurious sensation. They may move in conjunction with the breast implant pocket, providing more natural movement. Under the skin, smooth implants may have some perceptible or apparent rippling.

g. Textured breast implants

Breast implants with textured surfaces produce scar tissue that adheres to them, making them less likely to move about within the breast and get relocated. Texturing may be beneficial in reducing the chance of a tight scar capsule.

The Pros of Large Breast Implants

Improved confidence: For some women, improving the appearance of their bodies boosts their confidence, enabling them to be more aggressive in different parts of their lives.

Proportionate body: Some women with wider hips believe that expanding their chests helps balance out their lower parts, creating a more balanced feminine figure.

Visually distinct: If a woman loves standing out in a crowd, having huge implants might assist her in doing so.

Cons of Large Breast Implants

Going too large: Some women overestimate their desired breast size, resulting in physical and emotional discomfort.

Increased risk of complications: Larger implants increase the risk of numbness, breast tissue weakening, implant rupture or bottoming out. One may need more procedures to fix issues.

Bra size: Choosing a large breast size might make finding a bra that fits and provides enough support a challenging.

Physical strain: Huge implants, like large natural breasts, may strain the back, neck, and shoulders, causing substantial pain.

Sleeping discomfort: Sleeping postures such as stomach sleeping might be unpleasant or difficult with large breasts.

Activity limitations: Large implants might make some activities unpleasant or even painful.

Increased risk of sagging: Large implants’ extra weight may cause more dramatic and early sagging.

Social implications: Some women may feel they are being unfairly evaluated for their choice of breast size, which may have professional and social repercussions.


Before considering large breast Implants, it is important to acknowledge the many benefits as well as the number of possible health risks. Because you will be making a significant and often irreversible choice, it is important to think carefully and choose a breast size that is both visually pleasing, physiologically viable and never go with the trend.

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