How Would You Choose the Right Size for Your Post Bag?

We understand that with having so many dimensions, as well as colors of mailing bags in stock, it can be challenging to navigate via the site to discover your best alternative. So, to make things a bit simpler, there are charts for you online which provide all the dimensions, as well as the appropriate colors stocked in those dimensions.

A commonly asked concern is “what size mailing bag do I need for my product.” There is no set formula really to work out what dimension mailing bag you need so the best alternative is to ask a company for an example. Having claimed that companies have created a calculation which seems to do the trick, provide, or take and is one they make use of regularly. Companies do not ensure that this formula will give you the precise dimension mailing bag called for, it is simply an overview!

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Let’s say your product is, Size 100 mm x 200 mm or 3.9″ x 7.9″ x Deepness 50 mm or 1.9″. The size of the opening on the mailing bag is W+D = 150mm+approxomitely 10 mm Clearance, so approximately 160 mm. Depth of mailing bags is L + D = 250 mm + 10 mm Clearance, so approximately 260 mm. General approx. dimension of the mailing bag needed would be 160 mm x 260 mm or 6.3″ x 10.23″ + the seal lip which is almost 30 mm to 40 mm.


Companies suggest that mailing bags having Long-term Tape are kept at the temp of 15 to 20 degrees, as well as 50% relative moisture. When the ambient temperature level is lesser than 5 degrees then you must guarantee that you have a means of warming up the mailing bags in operation.

Why not have your bags printed with your website address or company logo design for an additional small charge! Companies provide a display print solution for all the stock mailing bags. This is only for a conventional 1 color ink print on 1 or 2 sides of the mailing bags.

Mail base their postal fees on the size along with weight, as well as have just recently presented some new dimensions. Guarantee you maintain your shipping prices to a minimum by picking the most ideal products from the variety of products.


Specification: All dimensions, as well as thicknesses, are approximate. Standard resistances are in line with industry standards. However, note specifically that bag size may differ by +/- 3 mm or +/- 3%, as well as bag deepness by +/- 3 mm or +/- 3% whichever is better. Where dimension is vital, an example of the product to be packed has to be sent to the companies in order to concur dimension tolerances prior to the approval of your order.

Thickness/Gauge/(mu): +/- 10% by weight.

Amount Variant: The quantity dispatched, as well as billed for as well as to be considered completion of order, based on component shipped orders, may vary from that get by +/- 10%. All mailing bags are identified as approximately according to the market requirements.

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