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How To Style Jewelry For Every Occasion: Tips From Moonglow Jewelry

There is no denying that jewelry makes every piece of clothing seem better. The issue is what to wear and whe. One must know a few aspects concerning jewelry to respond to this question. Then, and only then, can one start picking out the perfect jewelry for any situation.

1. Statement Or Subtlety?

The distinction between discreet and statement-making jewelry should be made clear right away. Sometimes you want to look stunning but understated to avoid standing out too much, and there are others when you want all eyes to be on the piece you have chosen to wear.

It is preferable to be understated if you are dressing for a particularly conservative occasion or anything work-related. Next, think about what you’re wearing. Is there enough area to show a necklace? Do you need a bracelet, or are your sleeves long enough?

Finally, consider how your hair is styled and the condition of your nails. Should you continue with little hoops visible among your long hair, or will studs be noticed? Would you want to flaunt your manicure with an eye-catching ring?

Of course, your clothing’s color is another consideration. You may also select subdued items with a hint of color if you wear a single hue. However, it would be sage to choose straightforward jewelry with colorless stones if you have decided on a motif. Fabulous possibilities include white gold, yellow gold cuff bracelets, diamonds, and pearls. Party costumes and attire for a night out require some flair. Hence, this is your chance to wear that delicate birthstone jewelry or those sparkling chandelier earrings.

2. Formal Events

Even those who don’t often wear jewelry take it out for formal events like weddings or anniversary parties. On occasions like these, clothing is the main speaker, but jewelry is its accomplice. Because of this, you should pay close attention to what you’re wearing and choose your jewelry correctly. Necklaces are not necessary for sleeveless gowns. This is your chance to show off your favorite chandelier earrings. A dangling statement necklace is recommended since shorter ones may be too heavy with a crew neck, turtleneck shirt, sweater, or dress. V-necked tops and skirts work well with pendant necklaces, while halter tops have space for a big bangle or choker.

3. Informal Jewelry

That not every piece of jewelry can be worn on every occasion is understandable. But does wearing jewelry always make sense? The lengthy answer is that it can and should, but the simple answer is that it doesn’t. This means that even the most casual clothing doesn’t need jewelry because nothing will be missing. However, updating the style with jewelry is so simple that the work is worthwhile. Diamond stud earrings go well with a t-shirt and trousers. They can and will make you appear like a million bucks. Therefore the answer is yes.

A basic sundress, a ton of gold bangles, or a charming necklace from Moonglow Jewelry can also be worn for a stylish appearance. If you’ve got it, show it off, as the saying goes. If you have jewelry at home that is simply sitting there, wear it! It will be the deciding factor.

The attire matters more than the event. Classic jewelry is more frequently worn at formal and conservative gatherings, although this need not be the case. You can fiddle around with it and combine different elements. You can wear a classic tennis bracelet and semi-precious stone statement earrings for a traditional dinner. Or, as was already suggested, you might accessorize your basic plaid shirt and pants with some more excellent jewelry. Although there are regulations, they are designed to be broken.

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