FashionHow to choose the right jewelry in Lyon?

How to choose the right jewelry in Lyon?


A jewel is a body embellishment accessory that can be worn over clothing or close to the body. The main role of the craftsman who makes jewelry is to enhance the metal. The jeweler will enhance the stones by giving them stylish shapes. The list of jewelry is not exhaustive, it is important to know how to make good choices with regard to them.

For the purchase of beautiful jewelry, there are three main criteria to consider. It is mainly about quality, design and originality. These elements should always go hand in hand when making your jewelry.

The choice of jewelry according to quality

The jewel being an accessory aimed at improving the style of a person, it must follow some quality standards. Depending on your budget, you may prefer beautiful gold or silver Wholesale Jewelry. However, common metals remain an entirely acceptable solution. The quality is very often also linked to the brand, it is a point not to be overlooked when buying your jewelery in Lyon .

The choice of your adornments in Lyon according to the design

When it comes to design, it’s up to everyone. However, the style of the jewel, whether ethnic, rock, distinguished or chic, will be very important. The design is important because of the harmony it should create with your clothing style. Extravagant, casual, or something else? It will be up to you to decide according to the adornments in Lyon that you will have in front of you.

The originality of the jewel

Many people often confuse originality and design. While the two can be combined to create a more attractive effect, they are not necessarily linked. A design can be beautiful, but not original. However, many people like what is out of the ordinary and it is in this sense that we speak of an original jewel . A special piece of jewelry that nobody or not many people wear. The rarity of the item gives its wearer a special feeling.

Choose your jewelry according to the type of materials and the maintenance method

Several elements are likely to damage and reduce the shine of jewelry. Each type of material is maintained differently . You will have to remember this when buying your precious ornaments.

For example, to make gold shine, it is often recommended to clean it with a soft toothbrush and a soapy product to degrease it. Afterwards, it should be rinsed and gently dried with a chamois leather (it is a high quality product and the least abrasive material for drying delicate surfaces) or a clean cloth. It is recommended to avoid any chemicals.

Silver requires the same technique as gold, but chamois leather is not essential, a clean cloth is enough.

Diamond withstands high temperature. It is therefore possible to boil it in soapy water. To increase the shine, the jewel can rest for two or three minutes in 90° alcohol.

Finally, if your jewel is made of natural stones, a simple cloth is suitable for dusting them and removing traces. If they are very dirty, pass the stones under slightly soapy water then rinse and dry quickly. However, be careful not to expose them to the sun for too long: some stones, such as amethyst, can discolor.


Among the wide choices, it is sometimes very hard to find the jewel you are really looking for. The stain being difficult, you must emphasize the quality, the style and the originality of the jewel. But beforehand, you must set a budget, because it is always better to choose a piece of jewelry when you have set a price. Symbol of power and wealth, the jewel is today an accessory of social demarcation. In other words, the type of jewelry you wear highlights your social status.

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