Practical and comfortable, it is now an essential part of women’s and men’s dressing rooms. The legging accompanies the woman in different moments of her life, it accompanies the sporty woman, the woman eager for comfort during her busy day, the trendy woman, and many others! In short, each woman finds her account thanks to the freedom of movement offered by leggings.

Size, cut, color, there are infinite variations but it is not always easy to find your way among this very wide offer. To help you in your choices, Lemahieu offers you a guide to choosing the right leggings.

Which cuts to choose from?

There are several lengths, having an idea of ​​which one you want will help you make your choice: 

Full Length: The leggings extend all the way down the leg, so they cover your entire legs. This long model lengthens the silhouette and can be worn in any season.

The ¾ length: These shots arrive below the calf, they are pleasant to wear in the summer and just as comfortable as the long ones, they adapt to many styles of clothing. If you want to highlight your well-defined calves, bet on this length. The lace at the bottom of the leg brings a feminine look. 

Elastic or not?

Some leggings have a tight waist so you can adjust the size. Our leggings have elasticity at the waist, so they are comfortable, and above all, freedom of movement is very important when wearing clothes like this, right? no?

For Cockooning Day fans:

Super soft cotton leggings will be your simple and effective ally. This is a legging model that wraps around the entire leg without feeling tight. These leggings are ideal for all occasions or any occasion. It’s like watching a movie at home. To keep your legs warm, opt for fleece leggings that provide extra heat strength. Wearing leggings to avoid straining your body, the freedom that our favorite leggings bring is practical for any activity. Click here for getting most popular news.

Sport is everything in life

If you’re a big sports fan, you’ll probably spend more time in leggings than street clothes. Having a good collection is important. Knowing that you need to choose the right material, choose leggings that are comfortable and, above all, suitable for sporting events and suitable for the activity.

We have sports leggings made just for you you can see HALARA reviews by clicking on the highlighted link.. Long open briefs are ideal for sports equipment. They are leggings with a cut that fits perfectly to accompany them during outdoor sports outings. They are very warm. The acid will keep you very warm. The great thing about these leggings is that they are perfectly suited for sports activities due to their antibacterial and deodorizing treatment. This is a real plus as it prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria. Choose a quality to get the most out of your sports activities.

For Madame: Simple and effective Thermic leggings. It guarantees comfortable sports with detail and is very warm. So, if you are a fan of outdoor sports, bet on this model. Go undoubtedly with thermal leggings that protect you in the coldest temperatures.

There are different levels of protection

  • Protection 1: Hot at temperatures between 5° and 15°.
  • Protection 2: Extremely hot at temperatures between 0° and 10°.
  • Protection 3: Very hot at temperatures between -5 and 5°.
  • Protection 4: Ultimate protection, very warm at temperatures below 5°.

These leggings are tailored to the service of our professionals. If you are working in a cold climate, you can move freely while providing complete comfort and warmth. You can wear leggings under your overalls. This allows you to wear high-quality clothing that provides natural warmth in total serenity while ensuring excellent warmth.

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Our leggings

The HALARA Brand offers a wide range of leggings with criss cross for women, specially designed to provide comfort and support at the waist thanks to a perfectly tailored cut at the hip area. Wearing leggings means you are free to choose if you want, and you can practice a variety of sports by wearing leggings like running and gentle sports like yoga. It is suitable for sports activities and more precise choices such as choosing a color, whether to wear a leggings belt or not to cut that completely cover the legs are up to you.

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