FashionHow to choose a lining for your jacket


How to choose a lining for your jacket

Have you ever wondered why linings are present in suit jackets? Do they offer advantages beyond merely an excellent look?

Without linings, suits would be paper-thin and non-durable. Linings provide a jacket with structure, shape and weight. A custom suit jacket’s weight is just one of many factors contributing to its luxurious appearance.

Additionally, a lining lessens the likelihood that the cloth may bunch up, preserving the jacket’s seamless appearance. In general, it looks amazing and feels great against your skin. Using custom linings can elevate a plain suit to something fit for a fashion magazine.

Silk vs polyester

The variety of options available may confuse you when selecting a lining for your jacket. Although there are infinite possibilities, silk and polyester are typically used for linings. It goes without saying that silk linings are considered the pinnacle of jacket linings. They endure longer than other materials because they are conventional, timeless and strong. Despite being a more expensive option, silk is more cost-effective in the long term due to its longevity.

Due to their budget-friendly price, polyester linings are a popular choice. However, they can be warm and sweaty against the skin and are therefore inappropriate for the summertime. Still, they can be a good choice if you’re on a tight budget.

Pattern and colour choices

It’s time to consider pattern and colour options once you’ve decided on the type of lining you want for your jacket. The most versatile colours for a jacket may be powerful, straightforward hues like black, burgundy and grey, but if you want to show off your personality through your jacket, you can spice things up with a more vivid choice of colour.

Plain linings provide the most formal and classic approach. Sometimes it’s preferable to keep things subtle and straightforward. But if you want to make your suit stand out, there are some interesting and inventive patterns you can use instead.

To truly stand out from the crowd for a show-stopping occasion, you need to ask yourself if you’re searching for a statement suit that will work for several weddings or a one-of-a-kind outfit. Different style approaches are necessary for various contexts.

How to select a jacket lining

Selecting a colour or pattern is quite simple once you’ve determined the type of lining you wish to use. By selecting a bespoke lining, you may express yourself creatively and let your tailored suit speak for you. Consider the sentiment and message you want your suit to convey. A suit jacket’s lining may make or break it!

Our expert consultants can help you discuss your lifestyle to choose a jacket lining. Your design process will be aided by our advisers, who will also help you customise each item to suit your preferences and way of life. Every appointment starts with a Pinterest board created just for you! This enables the expert and you to have a visual conversation.

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