How to Add Style to Your Casualwear in 2022

A new year, a new you. For those of you who wish to change your wardrobe, and add style to your casualwear, this article tells you just how to go about it. 

From considering a new pair of shoes, to business casual shirts, add just a few touches to your existing wardrobe, and you’ll look and feel wonderful.

The Basics

Keep it Plain

It’s tempting to opt for a lot of patterns and stripes because they’re often eye-catching. However, this doesn’t allow you to minimise your wardrobe and you end up with garments you rarely wear. Firstly, invest in simple, plain colours. Add some minimal prints for extra spice, and you’ll have enough to begin an upmarket look. 

If you’re into bright colours, add a few, but don’t let these garments take over your cupboard.

The Pants

Think of a pair of smart-looking jeans. Go for the unfaded look. As to big tears in their garments, film-stars can get away with holes in jeans, but most of us simply look scruffy if we try to do that. Go for trousers with a uniform colour, unless adding a bohemian touch, like artful patchwork. 


Put on a plain shirt. Any colour from white to pink to grey will do. It simply needs a good iron, and to look new and well maintained. Don’t forget that work is where you’ll spend most of your time, so invest in some high-quality shirts for office hours. Naturally, you can use this for smart-casual wear as well. 


The key to creating a stunning wardrobe is to accessorise well. You can create completely different outfits by simply changing a scarf, a belt, or a pair of shoes. If you keep the basics neutral, it’s easy to add colour or variety using accessories. 

For example, let’s imagine pink coming into fashion again. Add some pink lace to the sleeves, a grey scarf with some pink, cream and blue flowers. Adorn some cream or pink shoes. Combine this with a hair piece that matches the scarf, or a piece of jewellery. Then add a flowery handbag that matches your scarf or your shoes, and you have an outfit that looks expensive. 

Jewellery deserves its own discussion—so we’ll cover that below. 

Quality Shoes Make You Sparkle

The best addition to any wardrobe is a couple of pairs of high-end shoes. Not only will they last long, but they will also boost your style to a higher level.

Ever wonder why film stars wearing scruffy jeans and plain white t-shirts look expensive? Yes, their basic items are very high quality, but it is the shoes and accessories that make the look. 


One simple piece of jewellery will add elegance to your wardrobe. Keep it simple rather than elaborate. It can be any size but keep the colour palette plain so you can match it with anything. 

And don’t go overboard. One pair of earrings and a bangle are sufficient to make a statement. Anything more, and it can look tacky.

Hairstyle to Match

An important match to any outfit is a good hairstyle. Once again, looking at models or film-stars, they usually have a stunning cut. It may look artistically messy, but you can see that it is artfully done. So, invest in a good hairstyle to spruce up your outfits. 


Nails are an important link in the chain of ‘looking the part’. They offer classiness to your hands. Ladies, you may select a little colour, but the ever-popular French nails will enable your hands to match your taste in clothes.


You may think it a little odd to talk about posture when mentioning fashion, but it’s actually a vital role player. Good posture enables your attire to be shown off at its best, and you to shine with confidence. Stand up straight and show how striking you are!

A Few Smart, Practical Tips

One of the smartest additions to your wardrobe is a lacy top that can fit over any shirt. It creates an instant ‘wow-factor’ for even the drabbest top. 

Add a scarf and pair of shoes, ordered through a Print-On-Demand store. You’ll have the perfect match and a designer item to boot. You’ll look like a model. 

Be careful to wear clothes that match your body type. You want something that fits perfectly. Think of Rebel Wilson, and how lovely she has always looked in her clothes even though she has a different build than most Hollywood actresses. Don’t attempt to wear clothes that pull awkwardly, or make you look bigger in certain areas. For instance, rather wear a jacket than a shapeless jersey. 

Make sure you wear clothes that aren’t worn, or pilled, so you always look on point. 


Wardrobes can be simple, but stylish. The mere addition of accessories to deliberately understated basics create elegance and class. Ensure your clothes are neat, clean and fit well, and you’re on your way to a really stylish look. 

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