How One Nurses Cardigan Can Transform Your Uniform

What do nurses get most upset about? It’s not always staff shortages, or grading, or tax. It can also be the question of uniforms. Surprised?

Uniforms are one of those items that portray a nurse in very visible form—perhaps more than any other aspect of the nurse’s life. The nurse’s uniform needs to look professional and be of high quality. Moreover, they symbolise status and a group identity. After all, cardigans for nurses, for instance, have the capacity to change a look from frumpish to competent. And even in a hospital environment, people definitely judge a book by its cover. Appearances are not only important, but vital. 

Let’s talk about professionalism, the uniform and apparel like cardigans.

Professional Identity and the Uniform

Professional identity has become very important in it is inextricably linked with the nurse’s uniform, and very strongly connected with nurses’ self-esteem.

A nurse’s uniform can be a statement that you’re competent, knowledgeable and professional and you have a strong ability to care for others.

It is also a fact that uniforms give you a certain amount of confidence to carry out your duties and empower you for work, both in a physical and mental way. Donning a uniform is a very important aspects of your lives, enabling you to ‘put on’ your duties or responsibilities for the day and remove it when going home. The separation of work and home life is, after all, vital to reducing and controlling stress. 

A nurse’s uniform gives others the ability to distinguish your level and experience, which is an important feature in a hospital setting. Doctors and patients need to be able to tell who to talk to at first glance when coming into a ward. Whether you need to talk to the matron or a staff nurse is absolutely essential, and prevents people from wasting valuable time, even in life or death situations. 

The negative aspects of the uniform include that it can encourage nurses’ subordination to doctors. And this is why a strong business-like, professional look is important, as it can counteract this problem.

However, uniforms overall create unity and promote a good working environment, according to many nurses.

Impact on Individual Nurses

Some nurses love wearing the nursing uniform because of what it represents. They feel that it communicates a powerful attitude towards their work. Many believe it’s an incredible privilege to wear the uniform because the nurse’s image in general is positive from the public’s perspective.

But as a nurse you’ll only feel this positive if you feel good wearing your particular outfit. If you have a good self-image, you’ll feel comfortable in your uniform and then perform better in your job. So, it’s vital some outfits are made-to-measure and all should be of really good quality. 

Uniforms and Public Perception

All nurses feel that uniforms affect public perception. It enables people to trust nurses because the health workers seem competent and efficient in a uniform. It gives the impression that the nurse knows how to do their job

The Impact of a One Garment

The reality is that uniforms really need to fit well in order to look professional. If they don’t, and are ill-fitting, they actually make the nurse look incompetent and untrustworthy.

You want to look your best, and one of the best ways you can do that in the cooler months at least, is to wear a custom-made cardigan. It should be a cardigan that fits well, looks trendy, seems business-like and is suited to the heavy-duty work of the nursing profession.

A nursing cardigan will be what people see during the cooler months, and can hide quite a few slightly unsightly parts of the uniform. Nurses can look modern, and appear smart and caring at the same time.

What to Look for in a Nurses Cardigan

If you’re a nurse looking for a new outfit, here’s what a cardigan should offer you. 

You want one that will enhance your appearance. It can be shaped, and have neat and tidy lines. One that is slightly longer covers more, which some women prefer.

It is essential the cardigan is of exceptional quality. It should fit well, and it must allow for mobility. 

Combine this Women’s fit solid Black scrub top with any scrub pants to create a timeless look with added professional style.

You would want a cardigan that is comfortable but also durable so look for one that will be warm enough without causing you to sweat. There is nothing more off-putting than a sweaty nurse! 

Tips of fabrics:

  • A wool cardigan is really warm, but some people are allergic to wool.
  • An acrylic blend does well to keep its shape. It might pill at some stage, but if you get a high quality one, it shouldn’t have that problem

For practicality, look for a cardigan that is easy to wash, and doesn’t require ironing. 

Naturally, you want a cardigan with pockets. Nurses are forever looking for spaces to carry all their professional equipment. It is better than a pouch worn around the neck. 

Can Your Uniform be YOU?

Finally, you want your cardigan or other piece of uniform to express your unique personality. Nurses’ uniforms are … well … just that. Uniform. You can’t stand out as an individual. A cardigan or a printed garment can give you the ability to stand out while still seeming professional.

And people just call it ‘clothing’. It’s so much more! 

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