High rise Jogger pants 

The mistakes you should avoid when using them

Jogger pants, despite the fact that they have become popular recently, have a long history of 100 years, being created in 1920, according to some sources, as a garment focused on sports, seeking to give all the mobility and freedom to its wearers. However, the current joggers are far from resembling those garments and currently, it is not only used for sports but can even be used for the office. Read the Halara reviews about joggers;

Jogger pants are increasingly diverse and flexible, ideal for different occasions, being comfortable garments for summer and winter, however, it is essential to avoid some of the basic mistakes when using them, which are not many, but certainly, matter if you want to a neat look or completely ruin the joggers. 

What are joggers?

The classic tracksuit pantslifelong in its most stylish version. They call themselves ” joggers ” thanks to their name in English, and it is impossible to take a walk through your city without seeing endless outfits with joggers as protagonists, combined in all imaginable ways. Therefore, high rise joggers are sports pants originally designed to go running or playing sports, and that over time have evolved like no other garment. Starting in the sports world, joggers have come to be worn for almost all kinds of occasions and less and less for actually exercising.

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The evolution of joggers

As we have already mentioned above, they were initially designed for athletes and sportsmen. The use of soft and comfortable fabrics with a loose design was chosen to facilitate movement when exercising. A very popular alternative for those who preferred not to wear tights or shorts, they were the ideal solution.

Although they have undoubtedly evolved over time, their original pattern is still respected today. The elastic waist was an essential element that contributed to its comfort, but above all, the incorporation of tight cuffs was the strong point and differentiating element that took joggers to another level.

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But why? What’s so special about simple elasticated cuffs? Well, the truth is that sweatpants or joggers gained popularity when the current of sneakers began to take off with force. The elastic cuffs of the joggers gave an essential aspect to the pants, with the ankles as protagonists and especially to what was below them: the sneakers .

At first, jogger pants were the best option to wear sneakers. But with the evolution of sneakers that increasingly moved away from sports designs and bet more on streetwear, joggers followed suit. Both sneakers and joggers began to be worn together and not precisely for sports. More and more fashionistas chose to wear this combo simply to walk around the city, go out for a drink or even stay at home: thus giving birth to the era of athleisure .

What is athleisure you ask? The trend that is hitting the most right now is nothing more than the combination of sportswear with elements of non-sportswear to create looks and outfits. A trend that was gaining popularity thanks to the designs of big brands and the outfits of the celebrities of the moment reflected all over Instagram, the new joggers found their place and since then they go hand in hand with this trend.

Types of joggers you can find

Although its initial aesthetic of adjustable waist and snug ankle cuffs is certainly still respected, brands have chosen to design joggers in different styles. They thus cover all the tastes of street style and nobody is left without theirs.

At a time when fashion is accessible to practically everyone, we are lucky to be able to find clothes of all kinds of prices, designs, and styles. Joggers are no less, and that is why today we have available models for any pocket, size, and style preference. Some of the most common jogger styles are:

‘Slim’ joggers: They are characterized by their skin-tight cut. Brands like SikSilk rock it with their skinny sweatpants, even opting to incorporate tape and gradient details so you don’t go unnoticed or dress comfortably.

“Sloppy” Jogger: This type of jogger chooses another type of comfort for those who are not tight fans. They feature a loose and carefree style, and this category incorporates styles called “oversized” or “boyfriend”.

“Regular Cut” Joggers: Here we include joggers for men or women who are neither slim nor slushy. They usually have fairly straight legs or cuts that cannot be classified as tight or oversized.

High rise joggers: This type of jogger is inspired by a slouchy style of joggers, but also incorporates several pockets to give it that cargo touch. Here they usually opt for the use of more resistant materials such as polyester, although you can also find them made of cotton.

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