FashionHere's how to shine in webcam modeling: best tips...

Here’s how to shine in webcam modeling: best tips from makeup experts!


Have you ever wondered what is the factor that has the biggest impact on the level of your performance at work? Is it the way you handle the relationship with the clients? Or maybe how you communicate with your colleagues and managers? Could it be the way you look on a daily basis? Well, the answer is not as simple as some would like.

All of the factors mentioned below are very important, but some of them have higher importance than others, depending on the domain of activity. For example, if you work in webcam modeling, looks matter quite a lot. Here is what experts in makeup recommend in order for you to always shine at work!

5 tips for looking great at work, in webcam modeling

Working in a domain where looks matter so much requires dedication, inspiration, and also talent. It is important to know how to be able to make yourself look great anytime you go live on camera because anyone who wants to talk to you will value what they see as much as they value what they hear and how they are listened to.

We have asked Johanna Andrews, a makeup artist expert, to offer us 5 tips for women working in webcam modeling who want to always look good on camera. Here is what Johanna told us:

  1. Foundation matters – it is very important to set the right basis for your makeup. Apply a matte foundation, so your skin can be soft and silky. Also, make sure to apply concealer and, if your eye bags are too prominent, make sure to apply it using your thumbs, not a brush.
  2. Less is more – sometimes, a minimum effort is enough to make you look perfect on camera. In order to enjoy impeccable makeup, it is best to emphasize only one area of your face. For example, if you use red lipstick, it is best to keep the makeup of your eyes on a very light note. If you want to create makeup that is very office-friendly, apply a highlighter around your nose and cheekbones and then create very subtle contouring.
  3. Check your eyebrows – the contouring of your eyebrows is essential in webcam modeling. You want them to be discreet and subtle, but at the same time, they have to improve your overall look. Make sure to choose a mascara that fits the color of your eyebrows and fills them properly. Apply it with an oblique brush in order to get a natural look.
  4. Do not be afraid of color – the makeup artist working for www.Studio20.Live recommends to anyone who wants a career in webcam modeling to embrace the colors! “Do not do too much, but don’t be afraid to use colors such as matte pink, red, or burgundy for your makeup. You want to look fresh and young and to highlight the best features of your face. Your lips, nose, and the area of your eyes are what matters the most”.
  5. Use fixing spray – you spend a few hours in front of the camera on a daily basis, so it is important to make sure that your makeup lasts. Use a fixing spray that allows you to maintain your impeccable look for the whole 8 hours.

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