Everything You Need to Know About Seiko Watches

Seiko watches are some of the most diverse watches on the market today. They not only have a variety of styles to choose from, but they are packed with loads of awesome features. 

From the high-performance Seiko Premier line to the new Seiko Prospex line, there are dozens of Seiko watch styles to discover. This Japanese watchmaker is well and truly committed to making high-quality watches with a number of practical and attractive features.

This guide will give you all you need to know about their models, including some of their most popular styles. If you’ve never experienced Seiko watches before, this guide will be an excellent place to start.


Seiko had humble beginnings in the district of Ginza, Tokyo in the year 1881. The founder of the now global watch company, Kintaro Hattori, sold and repaired watches in a small store he opened in his early twenties. In 1892, Hattori would buy an unused factory and begin producing timepieces for the Japanese public under the name ‘Seikosha’. 

This began a history of firsts for the Japanese brand. In 1913 Hattori unveiled Japan’s first wristwatch, a step ahead of the rest. Soon ‘Seikosha’ would adopt the now iconic ‘Seiko’ name as they sought to refresh after an earthquake hit their factory and headquarters. 

Fast forward 50 years or so, and Seiko were at the top of their craft. The Grand Seiko was launched as the brand’s signature luxury line and In 1965 they would release Japan’s first-ever diver watch. This would also see the beginning of Seiko Prospex, a line of sporting, diving and adventuring watches. Only years later in 1969 would Seiko release the world’s first quartz watch, bringing incredible precision and affordability to the world. 

The threshold for excellence is always being pushed by Seiko, and to this day they continue to elevate. Over the last few decades, Seiko has become hugely popular in luxury, casual and sporting wear. James Bond himself doesn’t mind showing off a few Seiko timepieces in his escapades. 


The first-ever quartz watch released to the world, the ‘Seiko Quartz Astron’, was groundbreaking. The timekeeping precision and long-lasting charge that quartz power would bring to watches is still unparalleled. To this day, quartz watch movement dominates the global industry. 

Seiko’s technology is extensive, however, and you’ll find that their traditional automatic and mechanical watch movements are equally top-of-the-line. For the best of both worlds, Seiko’s spring drive watches bring together the smooth movement of mechanical actions with unbeatable electric precision —  once again proving their credentials as master watchmakers. 

Seiko produced Japan’s first-ever divers watch, able to withstand high enough pressure for professional research use. As always, Seiko continued to push the limits. Today a Seiko diver watch can reach 1000m with titanium casing, a water-tight screw-down crown and a flexible polyurethane strap. Perhaps best of all is that these divers watches look amazing while they work. 


Seiko’s name has always been synonymous with style. The ‘Grand Seiko’ and ‘Seiko Presage’ lines are luxurious without compromising on technical excellence. Many of their designs are inspired by the Japanese landscape, and crafted with a true desire to impress. 

Seiko timepieces are loved by fans, and their designs are often iconic enough to be unofficially named by fans. Some of Seiko’s incredible divers watches have earned the name ‘tuna’ for their outer casing, or ‘turtle’ for a shell-like case. Even the Japanese watchmaker’s classic blue and red combination has been endearingly named the ‘pepsi’ watch. 

If you want performance and luxury, then try a Seiko. Their Japanese movements are world-famous for precision and their unique designs are equally loved by fans around the world — just have a look for yourself. 

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