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Discover the Beauty of Round Cut Engagement Rings: Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Ring

If you’re shopping for an engagement ring, chances are that you’ve already noticed the dizzying array of settings styles. In addition, diamonds come in many shapes and sizes to please any budget and sense of style. And lab diamonds are also gaining immense popularity for all the right reasons. But if you’re struggling to find the perfect lab grown engagement ring, what’s the best way to pick the right sparkler? This article will help you consider the best options and choose the one that she will cherish forever.

Understanding Round-Cut Engagement Rings

There’s a reason why so many people prefer a round-cut lab diamond engagement ring or its natural diamond equivalent over other options. Perhaps the biggest reason is that round-cut diamonds have been popular since the 1700s. People are fascinated with them because of their superior brilliance and fire. Round-cut lab diamonds sparkle like nothing else, creating a showstopping display of classic appeal.

Perhaps it’s not surprising that round is the most popular diamond cut today. This is true whether you’re talking about the huge sparkler or the tiny accent diamond. And because a round cut lab diamond engagement ring is a symbol of love and commitment, few things could be more appropriate.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Ring

Because round cut lab diamonds are so popular, there’s also a huge variety of loose stones available. However, the variety also means you must choose lab diamonds carefully. A diamond grading report, which measures the four Cs of quality, will help you compare diamonds. These four factors are cut, color, clarity, and carat weight.

The overall grade of a loose diamond will dramatically affect its price. For instance, diamonds that are internally flawless (IF) are very rare and expensive. Likewise, the whiter the stone (lack of color), the more expensive it becomes. Carat weight is technically not a size, so you can technically choose a slightly larger or smaller stone to fit the same setting and save some money. And finally, cut is specific to round diamonds and expresses the degree to which a diamond cutter has gotten the best out of a rock.

When you choose round-cut lab diamonds, the objective is to get the best diamond for your money. You can do this by balancing the four Cs to achieve the desired result. For instance, if she loves a larger diamond, you can save money by going down on the color or clarity grade. If you’d rather have the best-quality stone possible, consider reducing the carat weight.

There Are Many Types of Ring Settings

Once you’ve chosen the perfect stone for your round cut lab diamond engagement ring, it’s time to pick a setting. Once again, there are many different styles available. For most designs, you can find a setting in any color of gold you want, or in platinum.

Here are some of the most sought-after setting styles:

  • Solitaire: Technically, this is an engagement ring setting where there’s only one diamond held in place by typically 4 or 6 prongs.
  • Halo: This setting features a large stone in the middle, surrounded by many smaller diamonds that create ‘halo effect’. While most halos sit around the top of the main diamonds, you can also get a hidden halo ring. Here, the accent stones surround the main diamonds closer to the base of the setting.
  • Three-stone: Considered the symbol of the couple’s past, present, and future, this setting usually has a slightly larger center stone with one smaller stone on each side. Choosing round-cut lab diamonds is a great way to save money on this popular engagement ring setting.
  • Pave setting. A round cut lab diamond engagement ring can have multiple stones and still look delicate. With a pave ring setting, there are many smaller diamond accents. Sometimes, the accents are only along the ring shank. In other situations, you’ll see elaborate scrollwork or diamonds inside floral motifs.

As you can see, many different types of round diamond engagement rings exist. There’s truly something for everyone, both in terms of style and budget.

Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

Ultimately, you must remember that women wear their engagement rings for the rest of their lives, and they’re usually everyday jewelry. For that reason, it’s important to choose something that she will love. One of the best ways to do this is to observe what kind of jewelry she wears. Also, take note of the clothes that she wears. Ideally, her engagement ring should fit in.

Here’s another great tip — if you shop together, take note of what she likes but can’t or won’t buy. Especially if she knows you’re going to propose, she may drop hints too. Then, pick something that fits your budget. A gemologist or jewelry store employee should be able to help you with this.

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