Are Uniforms Important in the Workplace? 8 Reasons Why the Answer’s Yes!

Companies have a tough decision to make. A uniform instils a sense of trust and credibility in a business, but some may find the garments rob them of their individuality. Should you force employees to wear uniforms, or should staff be allowed some freedom? 

Of course, there are scenarios where uniforms seem non-negotiable. Employees in retail stores or restaurants usually wear uniforms to distinguish themselves from customers. But office setups are different. Learn about the benefits of uniforms and why it’s beneficial to have at least basic guidelines for office attire. Items like smart shoes or corporate shirts – with or without branding — can have more of an impact than you imagine.

Promote Your Brand 

A company is judged at face value. Presenting employees in clean, crisp uniforms helps to promote the values and standards of your company. Employees that wear uniforms are less likely to be rude to customers as they’re easy to identify and know they represent the company when wearing the brand on their uniforms.

Engage Customers 

Customers seem to be a lot more trusting of staff that are wearing a uniform. Not only does wearing a uniform make it easy to identify staff, but uniforms also engage customers. When potential clients enter the building and notice employees hanging around wearing jeans and t-shirts, they may have second thoughts about doing business with you. 

If the staff are dressed appropriately in smart clothing of a specific kind, the company will look more professional. Customers are more likely to trust an employee looking the part.  

Feel Like Part of a Team 

Wearing uniforms makes employees feel like they’re part of a team. Having a set uniform or clothing guidelines will set a standard and even allows employees to feel equal no matter their job title or financial status. Looking similar prevents jealousy between employees that may not be able to afford the latest fashion trends. This allows staff to function as a team.  

Colours Set the Mood 

Using the company brand colours can set the mood of the organisation. Choosing the right colours is essential as it can affect the staff’s mood. Using the correct colour can energise and motivate staff. For example, bright colours will make staff feel happy and energetic. 

Also, controlling the mood by managing which colours are inside your brick-and-mortar store can help you sell and promote products. Simply pick colours that catch the eye and put people in the right mood. 

Benefits for the Employer  

Uniforms help customers recognise employees in a crowd. So, if any visitor has a problem, they immediately know who to approach.

Also, brand awareness is important in business and uniforms can be designed to represent the company’s standards and illustrate its positive image to clients. For example, if attention to detail is a high value for you, make sure your team never wears shirts with frayed collars. 

Furthermore, when employees wear the brand logo, they are promoting the company and helping to create brand awareness.   

Benefits for the Employee 

Uniforms can also be a necessity for safety. For example, someone in the construction industry will be required to wear a hard hat and other safety apparel. This is in a sense a uniform as well. By implementing a standard uniform, you promote equality between the employees. This inspires self-confidence, and promotes a sense of unity, resulting in healthy work environments. 

Time Saving 

People are continuously looking for ways to simplify areas of their lives, in order to have more time to complete to do lists, relax or spend time with family.

Having a branded uniform is a great way to save everyone some time. Managers won’t need to spend time implementing a dress code and enforcing it. Staff will spend less time shopping and deliberating on outfits in the morning. 

Tax Deductible 

Companies and even employees may be able to apply for a tax deduction for the purchase of work attire, such as a uniform. It all depends on how the employer registers the design and whether it’s compulsory. 

Contact your local tax practitioner to find out if you qualify for this deduction.

Final Thoughts 

In essence, a uniform is a walking advertisement for your business. Uniforms have become very common in the workplace because of the vast variety of benefits that they bring to a business. When employees look professional, they are more likely to act professionally and live up to the company standards and values. And with the right guidelines you can make a team look smart, while still allowing them some freedom to add their own flair, such as wearing scarves or being flexible about jewellery and haircuts at the office. 

Uniforms and work attire should be taken seriously because customers can easily identify the staff and the staff always look professional. It’s even a great team-building resource and can improve overall customer satisfaction. Who knew the power of garments?

Do you think wearing a uniform is important, or do you want to express your own style when dressing for work? Let us know in the comments. 

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