Fashion5 Fashion Trends that are De Rigueur this Winter


5 Fashion Trends that are De Rigueur this Winter

Winter isn’t often considered the most fashionable season. It can be difficult to avoid developing a routine of frequently donning the same dark-wash denim and a black or grey pullover outside of New Year’s and holiday ensembles. But this year, we’re determined to give our cold-weather outfits a bit more flair, and with the help of the Fairy Kei fashion aesthetic look data gurus, we now know precisely where to begin. These Five trends have been gaining popularity throughout the internet, and we anticipate that excitement will only rise. Therefore, if you are looking forward to updating your wardrobe in a fashionable way, these are the five winter fashion trends you should keep an eye on.

The Leather Affair

Going into 2023, leather designs in nearly every silhouette will be quite popular. This includes pants, jackets, dresses, and shirts. The key to embrace this style, whether you prefer the clean look of straight-leg leather pants or want to mix things up with a trendier biker jacket, is to limit the amount of leather in an ensemble to one piece rather than layering it heavily.

Gothic Twist

In recent months, Whismigoth fashions from the ’90s have become more popular. It should not be surprising that anything dark, gothic, and grunge is popular for the winter of 2023 following the popularity of Netflix’s Wednesday, starring Jenna Ortega. But this time, the appearance is far more put together than it was before, with crisp winged eyeliner and spiked updos taking the place of morning-after smudged eye makeup and tattered fishnet tights.

Flare❌ Straighten it up with Skirts

Thankfully, pencil skirts and thin, ankle-length silhouettes are taking the place of tiny minis and flared dresses as the weather gets colder. For a more structured, classic aesthetic, leather and denim styles have been more prevalent than wool, silk, or jersey. These skirts also have what we would term a “straight-leg” fit, which means they are neither too tight nor too flowing. They have a “middle of the road” cut that allows you to pair them with a wide variety of tops, from thick cable-knit cardigans to slim-fit turtleneck tees and boots.

Ease it up with Sweatsuits

It comes as no surprise that the matching set trend is still popular, especially when the weather cools and loungewear-inspired designs become more alluring. The go-to look for the upcoming season will likely be enormous matching sweatsuits worn with an oversized denim jacket and boots.


It’s layering season, and more fabric means more room to play around with various styles. Playing with proportions is the key. With less emphasis on the individual pieces and more on the way they are put together, the contrast of large and fitted, micro and longline, is what gives this look its intrinsic coolness. This season, you may rock looks like wide-leg pants with an unstructured wool coat and a long-sleeved tee, a leather mini skirt with tights, and boots by Rosso Brunello shoes.

Do not let the weather tone down the fashionista in you. Layer up in style with these fantastic outfit ideas and add some heat to your surroundings.

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