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4 Ways To Help You Choose Boho Dresses

Are you looking for a new outfit this summer? You might want to try stylish, elegant, and comfortable Boho dresses. Did you know that Australian women’s apparel was the most lucrative industry, with a revenue of $10.6 billion in 2018? It only continues to grow with the rise in online shopping and several new designs.

You might be wondering how to choose exciting and elegant Boho dresses that flatter you, isn’t it? Don’t worry; this article will give you tips on choosing Boho chic dresses. Plus, you’ll know what this style entails. So, read on and get shopping for exciting garments.

What is a Boho Dress?

A Boho dress combines the elements of ethnic, gypsy, hippie, and vintage vibes into classy patterns. They are stylish, elegant and simple garments that allow you to let loose. The style is characterised by flared sleeves, relaxed fits, and incredible detailing. You would find crotchet works, embroidery work, and bold colours in this style.

You also have Aztec, geometric, roses, abstract, and more patterns with a feminine element.

Choosing Boho Chic Dresses

Choosing a Boho Dress is quite simple. You can find many patterns and styles in thrift stores and online. You’ll find it hard not to fill your shopping cart with many dresses in this style. However, ensure you choose a Boho dress that flatters you well.

Here are some tips you can follow in choosing the best Boho dress:

Consider the Style

When choosing a Boho dress or any dress for that matter, you want to consider the style and pattern of the dress. You have a plethora of options to choose from.

You can find a maxi dress and flowy jacket to go with. Alternatively, you can buy a swing dress with some frill and ruffle details. You can also try the gypsy skirt look with a short crop top with crotchet work on it.

Merely ensure your garments are free-flowing and not baggy.

Choose a Free-Flowing Fabric

The key to the best Boho dress is a free-flowing fabric. You can choose to clothing made of cotton, linens, denim, silks, and more. It’s best to stick to fabrics made of natural fibres. This is because Boho fashion is rooted in nature and has a sustainable vibe.

You can also have elegant patchwork dresses to conform to the Boho style. You can use any natural fabrics available and give it a rugged yet chic look.

Layer Your Clothes

Layering is the mantra for a Boho-chic look. You need to take care not to wear clashing prints. For instance, you can wear a lovely frilly dress without any print and layer it with a floral print kimono.

You can wear flared jeans made in light denim fabric with a floral printed top and pair them with a striped jacket. You’ll have a hippie vibe.

Choose Earthy and Vibrant Colours

Choose earthy colours and vibrant colours to amp your Boho style. You can choose whites, blues, yellows, reds, browns and more that occur in nature. Try not to select intense colours like neon or intense red that jars the eye. Pastels are a great idea when you want to achieve a Boho look.

Boho chic is a unique, elegant style that lets you loose and remains classy. It’s got hippie, gypsy, and ethnic style combined with simplicity, vibrancy and femineity. Choosing a Boho dress is easy and lets you add some colour and pomp to your wardrobe.

You merely need to choose the right style, layer your clothes, and choose the suitable fabric. You can also select maxi dresses and mix your prints to give a complete feel of the hippie look.

Boho dresses give you the 70s and 80s vibe without trying, and you can wear them anywhere from a casual Sunday brunch to an outing at the beach. So, hunt for your favourite dresses in Boho style and flaunt them gloriously.

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