10 Powerful Ways of Inspiring Your Employees

You may think you know what motivates people at work, but it’s risky to assume. And it’s definitely worth doing some research on the topic before assuming your role as a manager or a business owner. In any leadership position you want to retain the staff that you’ve worked so hard to find.

Is it money? Is it a beautiful work environment? Is it the opportunity to wear corporate uniforms? Let’s discuss many of these aspects in the article below.

10 Tips for Motivating and Inspiring Your Team


Yes, money works, but only to a certain degree!

While you may think this is a strong motivator to work well, for people who are used to a decent standard of living, this doesn’t inspire them very strongly. Naturally, there is some need for money to be able to live comfortably, but it is not the highest priority for many.


Having extra perks like a company car, or subsidies for study or maternity and even paternity leave are important in your employees’ mind. However, items below may rank even higher for many.

Day care for kids, on the other hand, or having a school nearby, would be some of the benefits that would make your employees pick you as a preferred employer. 

Peer Motivation

Camaraderie is actually one of the top two aspects of motivation. It is essential that your staff get on well. To do so, they need to know each other and socialise well. You could even perhaps include families on some work outings. Naturally, this will only fit certain contexts where people live relatively close to work. 

Feeling Encouraged and Recognised

Encouragement and recognition rank in the top two incentives for inspiring people to stay with your company. For example, people need encouragement that they’re doing well, and making a meaningful contribution to the company. It’s vital for people to know that they are needed. 

Good Management

Although a good manager didn’t make the top of the list, it’s certainly one of the issues that makes the work-life dynamic comfortable. In fact, good management creates a company that thrives in the long run because people will want to work hard in such an environment. 

For example: a boss who is supportive, encouraging, and seeks to grow his employees is one who will win them over even under tough working conditions.


The ambience of a workplace is determined by a number of factors. The most obvious is the look and feel of the place but there are many aspects to consider:

  • Are your rooms pleasing to the eye? Are they neat, with unsightly files hidden away in cupboards?
  • Do you bring the outdoors inside with a few plants to increase the oxygen supply and create an uplifting mood?
  • Do the functional features of your building work well? The air-conditioning? The lighting? The toilets? Is the maintenance of the building a priority? (No one wants to work in a run-down building.)
  • Does the team dress well according to the code you’ve set? Let colleagues inspire each other by looking professional each day. 
  • Do you need a unified look for your brand? If so, consider corporate uniforms. Staff appreciate this, as long as there’s also a level of individual expression permitted. In fact, staff feel greater camaraderie with uniforms, particularly in a big company where people don’t necessarily know others.)

Access to Healthy Food 

People who work long hours don’t always have the energy to go home and cook. If you provide subsidised, healthy, cooked meals for them at work (with variety), you communicate that you care both about employees’ health and their general levels of stress. 

Ability to do Good

When your staff can do good for others, they in turn feel good about themselves. If this happens at work, the positive feeling will be continued in the working environment. 

Example: Create a ‘Social Assist Day’ every year, where you paint a wall in an orphanage together. Or you could raise money for a local animal shelter. The possibilities are endless. 

When Employees Make a Difference

One of the factors encouraging people to be loyal to a company is where they believe their daily tasks are making a difference in the world. This will make their work important to them. So, it is crucial that you verbalise how their work does ‘change the world’, no matter how menial the task.

Make Safety a Priority

Health and safety are key elements in showing employees that you care about them and value them. 

The 2021-focus on keeping environments virus-free may not last forever, but a certain level of hygiene is critical not only to keep your staff healthy, but to demonstrate that you have their best interests at heart.


How to motivate and inspire your employees has always been a challenge, but you can get a head start if you follow the article’s tips. Here’s wishing you all the best for a great year with your staff!

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