F95Zone: Best 10 Games to Play on f95 Zone

Although the f95 zone is a community for different discussions and topics, it is especially popular among adult gamers. The platform has a hoard of gamers logging in every day to check out the latest games and updates on their favorite games. Now gaming on this website is a bit different from the other ones. The games are not available directly on the website. 

What this website has are users who are generous enough to give the download links to the games for different operating systems. The gamers have to then select any one of the links according to their choice and also availability. 

The link will take them to a different site where they will be prompted to download the game. The links provided on F95Zone are mostly verified as the users participating in this community are all genuine. Here are the top ten games one can play through this website:

  1. Rocket League

The game involves the game of soccer but instead of players, like other soccer games such as FIFA, it consists of cars. You have to drive around and kick the ball and try to score a goal.

  1. Harem Hotel

This is one of the most popular games on this website. Players love this game due to its storyline and characters who are appealing and interesting in their way. 

  1. Call of the Void

This is a story-based game where every option you choose throughout the entire game changes the outcome. While the game is heavily story-oriented, you can do whatever you want while playing. 

  1. Something Unlimited

This game features a woman who is trying to find a way to rid the world of superheroes while simultaneously trying to be one. The comic-based game is a great way to spend your time while being entertained.

  1. Rainbow Six Vegas

Another story-based game also gives its players an option to play quick matches instead of the whole storyline. It is a single person shooting game whose main characters challenge other characters in combat.

  1. Left 4 Dead 2

This is a survival game where the player has to shoot and fight its way out and survive. It has an impeccable gaming experience and is one of the most sought-after games in this community. 

  1. Become a Rockstar

This game features a male protagonist who has just moved into a new city. Experience his journey of making new connections and forming a band to become a rockstar.

  1. Battlefield

A widely-regarded game, Battlefield is a shooting game where you have to shoot, strategize plans and complete quests to win.

  1. Little Big Planet

Full of puzzles and entertaining characters, this is one of those games that people of all ages can enjoy. 

  1. The Artifact

This game came out in three different parts with a continued storyline of monsters being unleashed into the world due to an artefact. 


While there are hundreds and thousands of games available on this website, they are mostly adult games. If you want games that are not pornographic, you need to search a bit before you get a viable link.