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When the Viewster brand relaunches in Europe, it’s not only about content and prices. The company is also making its service even more popular, with a variety of new features and improvements. The company is now providing more than 12,000 films and television shows from around the world, including BBC programming. You can even access netlogs and labatidora on the platform. In this article, we’ll look at how the brand works and how it can benefit consumers in Europe.

Viewster relaunches in Europe

The European launch of viewster comes after Cinedigm’s recent acquisition of Future Today for $45 million and $15 million in common stock. While the company will maintain a global presence, it anticipates expanding its Viewster distribution beyond Europe to Asia, India, and Latin America. Additionally, it plans to launch two new channels later this year – CONtv Anime and panoramio Kids. For more information on Viewster and its future plans, visit viewster.com/viewster relaunches in Europe today!

The subscription-based video-on-demand service will offer more than 12,000 titles across 20 genres and more than 30 languages. Users will have the opportunity to rent a film for two euros or subscribe to a monthly subscription plan for 10 Euros. Panasonic will also demonstrate its partnership with Viewster at the IFA 2011 trade show in Berlin, where the two companies will present a beta version of Viewster.

Branded Channels segment

The newest video aggregator to hit the market, Viewster, has recently added branded channels to its list of premium services. The company originally focused on business-to-business video, but in recent years has become a consumer-oriented digital television service, offering content ranging from anime and cartoons to full-length movies. The company opened an office in Los Angeles in June, headed by Rob Pereyda, fullmaza of North America.

HbbTV, which has been on the market in France since May 2011, aims to harmonise broadcast delivery with web content. The standard seeks to minimize interoperability issues and harmonise language settings for menus and connected television applications. The mission also focuses on funding for audiovisual content creation and cultural diversity. Branded channels are a relatively new category of interactive TV, and they are growing in popularity.


While the UK may have a strong digital TV industry, this continent is not lacking local platforms for streaming video and audio. Viasat, for instance, provides both subscription and conventional pay TV options. In addition, it offers standalone thematic offerings for non-subscribers. More recently, BSkyB announced the launch of NOW TV, a low-pay offering of films. These two services may prove to be disruptive to traditional television.

The company is looking to continue expanding its pan-European offerings to an international audience. In addition to finding premium content to feature in its platform, Viewster is constantly scouting and supporting popular films and series from other regions. Most recently, it announced that it would make some programming available on its platform, including shows from the BBC and British productions. As of now, Viewster offers over 12,000 films and TV shows.


Recently, the European Film Commission announced plans to create a single digital market for film and TV distribution. This might affect television licensing as well. Read more about this new policy in Variety. However, there are some caveats. First, you need to be a European resident to sell to European consumers. Then, you must have a European TV provider. After all, many European countries do not have American broadcasters.

While some viewers may be disappointed that Viewster only supports movies in English, others may be delighted to see that the service has movies and TV shows from the 60s. Parents will appreciate that it has parental controls and offers password protection for their children. The downside is that video quality is not quite as high as other free streaming services, which means you may not be able to cast to a big screen. Still, it has several benefits.


With its robust library of premium content, viewster is a popular option for cord cutters who have moved away from traditional linear television viewing habits. According to comScore, it ranks 16th among video properties in the UK and 50th in Germany. In addition to premium titles, Viewster offers a wide variety of popular television series, films, and anime. The company has been acquiring content from top publishers and distributors since 2008, and Cinedigm plans to integrate Viewster into its ad-based content strategy.

As the market for digital television continues to grow, so do its competitors. Despite the fact that Netflix has long been a pioneer of digital TV, many indies are struggling to compete in the increasingly competitive European marketplace. However, recent changes in the regulatory environment have enabled the company to expand its pan-European offerings into new territories. While European consumers have generally embraced subscription, transactional, and ad-supported services, the number of companies in the region is steadily increasing.


Among other things, Viewster offers premium content that is not available through linear TV. It is especially ideal for cord cutters who have turned away from linear television viewing habits. In fact, according to comScore, Viewster ranks 16th among video properties in the UK, and 50th in Germany. Here are some of the reasons why Viewster is worth checking out:


The company’s future vision is ambitious: despite its European roots, the company aims to extend its pan-European offerings to an international audience. The company is constantly scouting for premium content and has announced a recent partnership with the BBC and other British productions. In addition to its movies and television shows, Viewster is also bringing its content online, making it more accessible to users worldwide. To date, Viewster has added over 12,000 films and series to its catalog.

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