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Movies You Should Watch With Your S.O This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and we cannot be more excited about it!

Arguably, we all love going out on this day with our significant others. But staying in and putting on a movie while cooking a delicious meal at home sounds way more romantic than going out for a dinner at a fancy restaurant. So, why don’t you ditch going out this 14th February and instead stream the movies we have mentioned below to have a cozy and wholesome night with your partner?

Thankfully so, there are tons of cute and classic romantic comedies, made especially for an occasion like this. Just FYI, you will have to make sure that your night goes as smoothly as possible. In this regard, we recommend creating a checklist to stay on top of everything. Before the day arrives, make sure you get all the ingredients needed to cook the dinner you and your partner can enjoy. While you are at it, don’t forget about your internet connection. Nothing kills the vibe more than a spotty connection on a movie-date night.

So, if this is something you frequently face, then we suggest getting a subscription to Cox Internet since its amazing and superfast speed makes streaming an enjoyable experience. To learn more about it, you can contact the support team of Cox en Español (for Hispanic customers only) and get all the information you need to make the switch happen before Valentine’s day.

Having said that, here are our top picks of the movies you should watch with your S.O. on 14th February.

1.     Valentine’s Day (2010)

You can never go wrong with a classic. Of course, it is not the greatest movie of all time but you have to admit that its cheesy and predictable plotline is exactly what any couple should watch on this romantic night. Its adorable scenes and stellar cast are one of the reasons why Valentine’s Day made it to our list.

The film shows interconnected stories of multiple people living in Los Angeles. Each character in the movie is going through the highs and lows of their love life. Whether it is a fear of commitment, confession of love, or finding yourself a perfect date; the movie has it all.

Famous Quote: “When you love someone, you love all of them, not just the good things but the bad things too. The things you find lovable and the things you don’t.”

2.     Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

Crazy Rich Asians is truly an amazing and adorable movie. It is refreshing to see a different culture and learn the meaning of love from their point of view. Every scene in this movie gave us butterflies but it was a real tear-jerker at the end.

Rachel Chu and Nick have been in a longtime relationship and now, it is the first time she is accompanying him to Singapore to meet his family. Rachel is surprised to find out how wealthy her boyfriend is. In fact, he is considered the country’s most eligible bachelor. However, Nick’s mother is not too excited to see her with her son.

Famous Quote: And I love who I am around you. I don’t want that to change. And that’s selfish, I know. I’m sorry that you had to deal with that on your own.

3.     Dirty Dancing (1987)

Do we even have to say anything? Dirty Dancing is the OG Valentine’s Day movie. It makes you want to fall in love all over again – the magic it creates is undeniable. Plus, the dancing and music make this movie even more magical than it already is.

Baby’s hope to enjoy her youthful days comes to an end when she has to stay at a sleepy resort with her parents. There, she meets Johnny – the resort’s dance instructor – who partners himself up with Baby. The two begin to fall madly in love with each other. But this time, Baby’s father forbids her from dating him. Will she listen to her father or her heart?

Famous Quote: “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.”

4.     Love, Simon (2018)

Love, Simon hits you right in the feels. It has comedy, drama, and a whole lot of love. The movie represents LGBT+ in the right way by showing the struggles of keeping the secret and wanting to date the person you are crushing on insanely.

Simon is a 17-year-old student at high school, who hasn’t come out to his family and friends at school, however, he has started falling for an anonymous boy he is talking with on the internet. The movie does not reveal the identity of the boy in question until the end.

Famous Quote: “Sometimes I Feel Like I’m Stuck On A Ferris Wheel. One Minute I’m On Top Of The World, The Next I’m At Rock Bottom. Over And Over, All Day Long. Because A Lot About Life Is Great. But Nobody Knows I’m Gay.”

Final Words

Well, there you have it! These films are perfect for all those who look for plotlines with love, romance, emotions, drama, along with comedy. This Valentine’s day, don’t miss the chance to watch all these wonderful movies with your partner to experience falling in love all over again.

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