Music is an experience. The rolling of melodies, the churning of tunes, the combination of beats and chimes that on their own, would be incoherent but put together, takes human beings on an aural and cerebral emprise so electrifying, one could be left with thoughts of how criminal it is that music does not make up the sum total of the human experience. Gear Supply used pro audio gear helps you to appreciate music more.

The history of music is well documented, and each culture and civilization had their own approaches to it.

A few even had deities who held jurisdiction over it.

The opera houses were a way for people to experience this beautiful concept, and eventually, the world evolved so much, access to music could be procured through smartphones and other similar devices. A lot of platforms make this possible, but the most popular of them all is Spotify.

Spotify and it’s features

Spotify was the brainchild of a brilliant man, a Swedish entrepreneur named Daniel Ek. It was founded in 2006, an audio streaming platform that has, in the last decade, shaped the music scene. It has over 300 million active users, with around half of that number being paying users. It offers over 70 million songs, from around 7 million artists, and has a compensation scheme that forms the backbone of its business model. A typical registered Spotify user is entitled to the following;

  • The entire database of songs available on Spotify.
  • Prime streaming services, very seamless.
  • Ability to create playlists.
  • Ability to “like” songs. If a particular song or album catches a user’s fancy, the user has the option of tapping a like button available on the interface, essentially bookmarking the song and encouraging Spotify to recommend similar songs.
  • Access to the app on most modern devices. It works on Windows, iOS, Linux, on laptops, desktops, smartphones and many other devices alike.
  • The ability to create a free account, where you have access to almost all features the platform has to offer.

Spotify also offers a premium option, where users of the service are allowed to buy Spotify plays. The premium account differs from the free account in the provision of some services that are limited to the free. A few of such options include

  • Unlimited skips 

While using a free account, users are limited to just around six skips per hour. This can be annoying, as it is normal, when listening to music, to skip renditions that aren’t just what is needed at that moment. When those skips are exhausted, the user is required to keep listening in order, until the hour is up. The premium account lets one bypass that.

  • Freedom from ads

Spotify is a profit-driven company, and they have to generate profit in some way. Premium users are allowed to experience the app without ads, seeing as their payment helps generate profit. Free users however, have to come across adverts every once in a while, as companies pay Spotify for advert slots, and it would not be a honest enterprise if nobody was exposed to the ads.

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