American singer Madonna is undoubtedly the most iconic solo artist of all time. She sold over 300 million records worldwide. She elegantly pushed the boundaries of artistic expression in mainstream music and successfully rereleased more than 14 studio albums, 80 singles, and countless soundtracks and compilations. Her works, incorporating political, social, sexual, and religious themes, gained both controversy and critical acclaim.

Madonna’s Greatest Achievements in the Music Industry

Throughout her music career of four decades, Madonna obtained a magnificent series of statistical achievements. Making a list of her most worthwhile achievements in the Music Industry isn’t for the faint-hearted but we tried our best! Have a look at some of the legend’s greatest and illustrious achievements.

1. Highest Grossing Solo Artist

To this day, Madonna still puts on a magnificent live show, filled with her magical voice and phenomenal dance performances. Because of her love for the art of performing, Madonna always tries her best to give all of her energy to the performances and grossed over one billion dollars with her back-to-back tours throughout the years. Additionally, her most recent tour, Madame X, went on from 2019 to March of 2020. At the age of over sixty years, it is indeed impressive to watch her put so much of her passion and energy into her tours.

2. Performed in a Wedding Dress

Madonna is always perpetually unapologetic about her views regarding female sexuality and feminism in general. The icon does not fear any kind of media outburst and gave his first performance in a wedding dress. In 1984, she sang her song, “Like a Virgin”, at the first MTV Video Music Awards.

It is about the joys of sex. Also, the dress wasn’t a typical wedding dress, but a lace corset secured with a belt that said “Boy Toy” on the buckle and wore a white garter belt underneath, which was seen by a large ratio of Americans. Later, the song became her first of the seven Hot 100 No.1 hits during the decade and made its place on the list of Madonna’s top 20 hits.

3. Groove-Worthy Dance Performances

Madonna is not only a legendary singer but an amazing dancer. She is blessed with a very coordinated body and a natural rhythm that allows her, and her audience, to groove with many of her songs. Many people became fans of her moves and over time, a dancer Madonna was as famous among the masses as much as a singer Madonna. Singing may be her main artistic outlet, but her performances are also ever-growing pieces of choreography. Her performances carry so much fire and passion, that audience has no option but to groove along!

Madonna Put the “M” in MTV

The clips of Madonna’s songs gave the MTV network more headlines than any other artist. To be honest, no other artist used a music video to beautifully elaborate their personas with a unique mix of beauty, creativity, and edge. When Michael Jackson relied mainly on spending more money, to blow stuff up, Madonna worked on the deepness of the images through splendid pieces, such as “Open Your Heart” and unapologetically emboldened her content, and that’s why many of her videos were deemed unsuitable for the mainstream broadcast.

She worked with many iconic photographers and directors of the music industry, including Herb Ritts, David Fincher, Mark Romanek, and Jonas Akerlund for the music video for “Cherish”, “Express”, “Rain” and “Music” respectively.

5. Set the Tone for Pop Mega Tours

Madonna set the bar for modern pop mega tours. Michael Jackson and Donna Summer successfully fused theatre and popular music in service of live performance. However, in 1990, Madonna’s Blond Ambition tour was much bigger, spectacular, and bolder. In addition to her band, there were two backup singers and seven dancers. There were also many versatile sets, including the one inspired by “Metropolis”. There were also many costumes designed by Jean Paul Gaultier.

Her single, “Truth or Dare” helped secure Madonna’s place in the industry, as an iconic and principal architect of the modern pop contemporary spectacle. The legend’s performances and melodious voice also serve as an inspiration for many new singers, including Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, and Taylor Swift.

More Top 10 Hits than Any Other Artist

Madonna’s 38 singles made it to the Billboard 100 singles chart, putting the singer in rarefied air. Only the Beatles are behind, with 34 hits on the list. Some of Madonna’s songs that made it to the list include,  “Deeper and Deeper”, “Secret,”  “Don’t Tell Me,” and “Give Me All Your Luvin”, the song that stirred everyone at the 2012 Super Bowl halftime show, when the British singer M.I.A. extended her middle finger during her verse.

Some Worthwhile Albums and Singles Success of Madonna

Albums Success

  1. While Madonna’s self-titled debut album only managed to reach the number eight on the Billboard 200, her follow-up albums didn’t look behind and only went up. Like a Virgin was a certified success, and True Blue hit number one in a record-breaking number of 28 countries in its time.
  2. Madonna’s fourth album, Like a Prayer, made its place at the top, making her the only female artist of the 1980s, with the most Billboard 200 number-one albums. Her second diamond-certified album was The Immaculate Collection, which remains one of the best-selling compilation albums.
  3. Being the best female musician even in the 2000s, Madonna’s tenth album, Confession on a Dance Floor was number one in 40 countries.
  4. One of her albums, You Can Dance, sold over five million copies worldwide, making Madonna the only female artist with a best-selling remix album.
  5. Record-breaking, 31,000 tickets for her The Virgin Tour were sold under four hours in the Philadelphia Spectrum arena.

Singles Success

  1. Owning 12 number one singles is one of Madonna’s greatest achievements. During the 1980s, her single, Like a Prayer, made her the only female artist with the most US number ones, a title shared with Whitney Houston.
  2. Hung Up is one of the top-charting songs worldwide and successfully earned a place in the 2007 Guinness Book of World Records, for being number one in 41 countries.
  3. Madonna effortlessly outdid the legendary American singer and actor, Elvis Presley, as she became the artist with most top 10 singles when 4 Minutes became her 37th Hot 100 top ten in 2008.

Madonna – A Gift that Keeps on Giving

Being an accomplished balladeer, and an indisputable dancer, Madonna is a living legend and an icon who’s looked upon by many of today’s artists, for her unique and bold views on femininity. She’s an ultimate genre chameleon and holds no less than 50 Billboard Dance Club Number-ones to date. The Queen of Pop holds the record for the most number-one singles by any female artist in Canada, Australia, Spain, Italy, and the UK. Holding a plethora of awards and records, Madonna knows the art of effortlessly staying on-trend, and is indeed a gift that keeps on giving!

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