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How Do You Prepare For New Above-Ground Pools


While fall is officially upon us and winter is not too far away, the temperatures are allowing people a last lingering bit of summer to hold onto their swimming season just a little longer.

It’s unclear if the public pools are still open. I don’t think we close down for the winter here in the south. But across the country, in cooler temperatures, I believe the cutoff is Labor Day.

Private homes can get away with personal preference, especially with the pool above ground, which might be a little bit easier to maintain and winterize than the inground options. In any event, more people are incorporating pools into their back gardens to enjoy “stay-cations” to avoid the cost of travel.

The price point of installing a pool above ground is much more budget-friendly. Plus, it offers the luxury of fire pit parties, having close friends for barbecues, lounging in the water after a long workday, fitness without going to the gym, and so much more.

Even if you can’t use it this season, you can buy the one you want and set it up, so it’s ready for next season. If you’re considering the option for your garden, there are a few hints and tips to get you well on your way. Let’s review.

What Are Some Tips For Preparing For A New Above-Ground Pool

An above-ground pool will likely not be as invasive with maintenance as an inground pool, but it does still require time and effort for care and upkeep. Understanding the level of responsibility, commitment, and time involved should be a consideration when making an informed decision about a purchase.

You can have a pool installed virtually anytime you request the service. Right about now, having one put in, depending on where you are in the country, would likely require that it be set up and covered over until next season since many areas are experiencing temperatures too cold to swim.

It’s wise anyway to start the process well ahead of time since there are many tasks to be handled before you can actually use the structure, and some of these could take some time to accomplish.

Learn how to maintain an above-ground pool at https://www.familyhandyman.com/article/maintaining-an-above-ground-pool/ and review these steps you’ll need to follow when making your purchase.

●      A permit is a requirement with a pool

Whether the pool is above ground is of no consequence, there needs to be a residential building permit pulled for the installation, according to most municipalities. This is enforced stringently, particularly for anything “over 18” deep.”

The indication is it could be possible that there be a second permit in addition to the residential building permit for the electrical components like the pump, filter, and heater, usually all of which run on electricity. Often these require an inspection as well. (Gosh)

●      You might consider enhancing your homeowner’s policy

When adding a pool to your back garden, the recommendation is to contact your homeowner’s insurance carrier to discuss the addition and find out how the policy needs to change.

Usually, the insurance needs to be considerably increased, with liability ranging as high as “$500,000” for the responsibility of having the structure on your property. The potential for other people using the pool and the possibilities for injury or worse warrants the additional coverage.

●      A fence will need to be built around the structure

When placing a pool in the garden, you must construct a fence around the structure with a locking gate. That is a requirement if the water depth reaches 18” (the depth will depend on where you’re located.)

The law generally dictates a minimum of 4 feet for the fence height, although most locations will expect it to be taller.

●      Suggestions while it’s cool

The recommendation, since the temperatures are still somewhat mild, is to take the opportunity to establish what you might consider a “garden oasis” since you’ve started construction by creating the fence.

Many people will build decking to go around the pool area, some with awnings or sun shades, especially if there is no shade.

It’s also a good idea to create a firepit area and a barbecue section. The firepit must sit in a fireproof space and away from the pool area. It should be a spot off to itself surrounded by chairs for after everyone gets out of the pool. View here a planning guide for your new pool.

Final Thought

It’s probably the best time to find the ideal pool for your back garden area. You’ll find quite a few steps to take care of before actually having the pool installed. It could take some time to accomplish each task.

When you finish and the pool is assembled and installed, spring will be here, and you’ll be set for a first pool party.

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