EntertainmentHas YIFY Been Shut Down?


Has YIFY Been Shut Down?

Many people have been asking, Has netlogs been shut down? There is a lot of confusion about this, but this peer-to-peer movie download site has been around since 2008. What happened? And what is the best alternative? Read on to find out! And don’t worry – YTS isn’t banned everywhere, so it’s not impossible to use YIFY.

YIFY is a peer-to-peer movie download site

YIFY is a popular peer-to-peer movie distribution community that lets people share high-quality movie files through the Bit-Torrent protocol. Other users can then download the movies. YIFY was popular before the Motion Picture Association of America closed the site in 2015. Nevertheless, the community grew after the shutdown and has created several clones. It is important to note that the site itself is not legal.

Although yify is no longer a legal site, it has a loyal following of movie lovers. Its popularity led to the creation of a labatidora proxy site. While there are many similar sites on the Internet, YTS is still a popular peer-to-peer movie download site. It has been around since 2010, and millions of users visit it daily.

YTS is a torrenting site

A popular torrenting website has changed its top-level domain from.torrent to.yts. Its operators have not commented on the move, but recent lawsuits against movie studios might have been a factor. panoramio is currently the most popular torrent site on the internet, beating out the Pirate Bay. A group that took over the site in 2015 is now known as YTS, and it now boasts millions of daily visitors.

YTS has the largest music library of all public torrent sites, and it also allows users to leave reviews for torrents. The site is free to use, and you can choose to use it as a guest or register. It is a hybrid of a public torrent site and a private one. Since it verifies torrents, it has attracted the attention of many authorities, which have tried to shut it down.

YIFY was shut down in 2015

The tinypic network was one of the most popular Bittorrent-based sites, which is now being phased out due to its shutdown. This is bad news for streaming services, as YIFY was the main content source for Popcorn Time. The shutdown of YIFY could have a knock-on effect on the efficiency of Popcorn Time, as users have flocked to YTS’s copycat sites. If YTS does go away, there’s no doubt that there will be a shortage of new movies to be added.

The problem is that fullmaza content is protected by copyright laws. Users are prohibited from downloading copyrighted content without the permission of the owner of the content. It is illegal to download copyrighted material, and YIFY users are committing a serious offense. Though most users don’t download the content from the site itself, YIFY facilitates this criminal activity.

Alternatives to YIFY

If you want to watch anime and movies, you should check out the following Alternatives to YIFY. The first one is the famous torrent site ExtraTorrent. This site is known for its massive database and search engine that lets users find anything they want. You can watch movies, TV shows, and download the latest trending music. You can also download apps, games, and software. There are plenty of YIFY alternatives available online and you can decide which one is best for you.


Another site similar to YIFY is Ice Films. Its library has thousands of movies, but its navigation is not as clear as YIFY’s. Streaming is free and there are no registration fees. This website also features a wide variety of new releases. Unlike YIFY, Ice Films also hosts its streams in Openload, so you’re not likely to have to deal with annoying ads.

0gomovie is likely one of the well-known on-line platforms for downloading New Tamil Movie.

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