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Filmmaker with a passion for storytelling

Born on Friday, September 5th, 1983, in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Aadnan Rahaman Lewis (আদনান রহমান লুইস) is an aspiring independent filmmaker with a passion for storytelling. He graduated from Stamford University Bangladesh with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film & Media. Through his creative works and films, he aspires to improve society and people’s lives as a storyteller, dreamer, achiever and an empath.

In 1991, Aadnan enrolled in a boarding school called “Dhaka Residential Model School”. It was from this same school he obtained his S.S.C. in Humanities Studies in 1999. He discovered his passion for sports and athletics at this boarding school. Among his favorite sports and athletic events are cricket, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, soccer, and track & field. It was then he discovered he had excellent strategic and motivational skills. As a creative leader, Aadnan realized that guiding and leading a team would be essential to making quality films. So, he decided to make this skill his career.

He earned his H.S.C. in Humanities Studies from “Dhaka College” in 2002. Following that, he received a dual diploma in Graphic Design and 3D Animation from Arena Multimedia in 2004. As a result of his excellent performance in Graphic Design and 3D Animation, he also earned a scholarship. He soon became a part-time graphic designer for a company called Thunderbolt. His video editing skills won him “Video Elite Music Video Awards” during this time. While studying film, he directed and edited his first film for the winner of a prestigious singing contest, along with a number of student shorts.

The following year, he was hired by a company called “White Shark Communication” as an Expert in Multimedia. A year later, he became a part-time Web Designer for an advertising agency called “Benchmark”. He then worked as a freelance Title Animator for “Half Stop Down”.

In 2010, he graduated from Stamford University Bangladesh with a B.A. degree in “Film and Media”. As a result of working at advertising agencies, Aadnan developed a deep interest in advertising, and he studied and researched extensively the subject of advertising. His interest in innovative ideas, creativity, and marketing led him to enter this field. Afterwards, he established a production company named “Resollusion”. It is based on a slogan that Aadnan created, “RESolute Your ILLUSION”. Despite his production house specializing in advertisements, music videos, and documentaries, he has always wished to make films that will positively impact society as a whole.

He is the younger brother of the late actress Nayar Sultana Lopa, known for Eishob Dinratri (1985). She passed away on October 16, 2014, in Dhaka, Bangladesh. As a child actor, he appeared in school plays and TV commercials. He played the role of Asaduzzaman Noor’s son in the spin-off Eishob Dinratri (1985), which helped promote drinking “Orsaline” and create public awareness. He wanted to be a dancer when he was young.

He has a comprehensive understanding of Video Editing and Photography, which he developed as hobbies. He also enjoys listening to music, watching films, and reading books. His interests also include philosophy, world religions, and politics. Passionately, he lives by the maxim, “Live and let live.”

Aadnan Rahaman’s works also include:

IBSYS Telecom TV Commercial (2009) – as director/editor

Polar Ice Cream TV Commercial (2009) – as director/editor

Resollusion Promotional Video (2011) – as director/producer/editor/colorist

Srabondhara Music Video (2012) – as director/editor/colorist

Volunteer Work of CSC Ltd with Operation Smile (2015) (Short documentary) – as director/producer/editor/cinematographer/writer

Mahindra Maxximo Plus VX TV Commercial (2015) – as director/editor/cinematographer

Mahindra Bolero Maxitruck Plus TV Commercial (2015)  – as director/editor/cinematographer/colorist

A Tale of a Dreamer: RANGS AV (2017) – as director/editor/cinematographer/writer

In addition to the above-mentioned work, Aadnan is well-versed in all types of filmmaking. He is an associate member of the Bangladesh Film Directors Association (BFDA). At the moment, he is in the pre-production stage of his feature film.

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