Why Use Online Writing Tools to Teach Writing

It takes a lot of consistent effort to become proficient at writing; it is not easy. Learning and getting better at something is a time-taking process and requires effort. A learner is going to make a lot of mistakes while learning and therefore, needs constant guidance and feedback from their mentor. If a student does not receive the right feedback, they will not advance. They must be aware of their strengths and weaknesses to become good at anything that they are doing. 

Teachers are in charge of giving feedback as and when it is required. Teachers can, however, always decide to make their work easier. You can use an online writing tool for this. To be able to incorporate such tools into your teaching process, it is not necessary that you teach online. You can use them even in your traditional classrooms.

Reasons to Use Online Writing Tools 

  • Compliance with the Writing Standards

Having a clear set of goals in mind is necessary to be better at learning. The same applies to improving writing skills. Setting a goal and being able to track progress is easier using an online writing tool. 

The level of writing depends on the course demand and the class that the student studies. Hence, the writing standards differ based on the class the student studies in. 

  • Keeps Students Engaged in Different Ways

Digital writing tools keep students engaged with the various writing options that they provide. To make the best out of it, choose the best writing tool by evaluating them. 

Put yourself in the shoes of the students while doing so. You should make a list of what you are looking for in the writing tool and whether it is capable of fulfilling it or not.

“Does it guide the students and provides them with examples and feedback?” “Does it come with pre-writing guidelines?” “How will it engage my students?”

You should be able to find proper answers to questions like this while making a choice.

  • Adaptive 

Every student will have a different learning curve and hence, having an adaptive writing tool helps in assigning writing tasks to the students based on their previous performances. This significantly reduces the work of the teacher as you do not have to keep focusing on creating different tasks for every student, manually. 

This reduces your work and hence, you can focus on other important tasks. 

  • Timely Feedback

Apart from doing all the other important teaching work, whether you resort to online teaching or offline, taking out extra time to provide feedback to each student, individually, will be taxing. However, an online writing tool makes it simpler.

Students can ask for feedback as often as they would like using an online tool, and it will always be helpful and constructive. 

Providing ambiguous feedback without mentioning the areas to improve or without proper explanation about where they lack only makes the feedback process useless. As a teacher, if you provide one-word feedback, it will not help your students. And, you may not have enough time for it. The online writing tool simplifies the process for you by providing detailed feedback to the students.

Final Thoughts

A good writing tool makes the learning process simpler for students and the feedback-giving process easier for the teachers. With the benefits that it comes with, you should give it a shot.

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