Whip up a Tantalizing Front End Development Career with These Skills in 2022

With all the disruptions caused due to COVID-19 and extended periods of staying at home and an overall disruption to our daily schedules, 2021 has given us the opportunity to slow down and evaluate where we are and what we want to do. People who are vying for success have already utilized this year to accelerate their education and upskilling. Like others, you may have also fueled your learning power not to just reach the pinnacle of success, but to learn the minute details involved in each stage. 

Front-end development is a good career choice, and the skills attainable for most people with some dedication. According to Businesswire, the Global Digital Advertising Platform is about to reach USD 681.90 billion by 2026. The pandemic caused an extreme acceleration of businesses moving to digital from brick and mortar stores. The increase of online shopping and the stability provided by not needing such a physical presence that is susceptible to shutdown sparked this change. 

The increased number of online business sites also caused a demand for website developers which includes back-end and front-end development. 

Today, we will discuss what skills you need to have to be a successful front-end developer. The good news is that it can be done if you are an absolute beginner. 

Without further ado, let’s begin. 

What is front-end development?

Front-end development is the practice of producing CSS, HTML, and javascript for a website or web application that has an end-user. The objective of front-end development is to provide a seamless experience to the users when they will open the website. It involves the code transformation that is built by the backend developers into a graphical interface to ensure the content is provided in an understandable format for all devices. 

For example, a user may own an iPhone/ android phone/tablet. It varies in operating systems and in screen size too. The frontend developer’s job is not only to build the part of the website you see, but to ensure that the websites or applications must work seamlessly irrespective of the device type and OS. 

Skills you need to become a front end developer 

Most of the front-end developers have knowledge of three primary coding languages for website development and web app development. 

  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • HTML

A front-end developer’s responsibility is to make sure that there are no bugs in the front end. Consequently, they have to make the design accordingly with various browsers and platforms. The following skills are important to build a skillset as a front end developer in 2022. 

  1. Javascript, HTML & CSS 

If the client’s requirement is to add more functionality to the website, then Javascript would often be the way to accomplish that. However, HTML, CSS, and javascript are the basics of web development. If you compare the elements with a human body, then HTML is the skeleton, javascript is the brain, and CSS is the clothes that you wear. Therefore, HTML defines the webpage structure, javascript is for doing the complex operations, and CSS is to add styles on the webpage. 

To be precise, Javascript, HTML, and CSS are the mandatory skills that you need to learn at the earliest to get into more details as a front-end developer. 

2. React 

React is the Javascript library that is quite powerful and used for building interactive user interfaces mainly. Basically, it uses a component-based design pattern that has the parent component, that renders the child component. According to a study by Stack overflow, React is the most popular framework as of 2020. 

The HTML structure is the real document object model which we can see on the browser. The virtual DOM is the copy of the real DOM. However, it has the same properties as the DOM object, although it doesn’t have the control which is displayed on the screen. 

React is very simple and easy to learn, and learning React will help you to get insights into native application development. Furthermore, you can also learn React Native, which is very similar to React. It uses the same component-based design. 

3. Rest API 

It is an application programming interface that helps the other different applications to communicate with each other. Almost everywhere an API is used by those who have their own products and their subsequent features need to be able to be plugged into by developers. APIs help us to use the functions and features developed by the other applications, followed by integrating those into our own applications. 

Rest stands for representational state transfer that helps the developers to use HTTP methods for updating, creating, and deleting the data as required. 

It may sound complicated and technical, but the more you will learn it, the less it will become difficult for you. That being said, it will help you communicate with web services to perform tasks you will need your applications or websites to accomplish. 

4. GIT

This is important for every developer whether he/she is a backend developer or a front-end developer. It is a distributed version control system. For instance, you download a messaging application on your phone and its version is 1.0. Based on the application, you may get extra features along with the update of the version name that is 1.1. This is known as version control. 

It is the most widely used version control management system that can be installed by using the command line. Knowing GIT is essential to almost any development job, not just front end development. 

Summing it up

Now that you have an idea of what skills you need to acquire, it’s time to answer this question;

What’s the first step you are going to take after completing your lessons?

Definitely, you should try for a job that will help to upgrade your skills while working with industry professionals. Therefore, we have a few company recommendations who are hiring for
Front-end developer jobs

1. Webaholics 

It is an  app development and eCommerce company, also providing digital marketing services. Their team is working relentlessly to cater to their clients with quality work. Currently, they are hiring  front-end developers having relevant experience. For more information, you can visit their website. 

2. CodeClouds 

At Codeclouds, the amalgamation of working and learning will help you to get the most within a stipulated time. They have 500+ in-house members working in full throttle. Recently, they are looking for a well-experienced front-end developer who is not only well-versed in technology but also possesses a qualitative attitude towards work. If you are looking for a front end developer job, you can apply by visiting their career page. 

3. Oso Web Studio

Based in Danbury, it is a web design and development company with a wide clientele. They have a vacant role related to a front-end development job. If you are interested, you can send their CV to their official mail.

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