EducationWhat are the most important facts about the prime...

What are the most important facts about the prime numbers which everybody should know?


 The prime numbers are considered to be the positive integers which have only two factors that are one and the integer itself. For example- in the case of six, the factors will be one, two, three and six and there will be four factors in total which will make sure that six will never be a prime number. On the other hand, in the case of seven, there are only two factors number one and number seven itself which will make sure that it is considered to be a perfect prime numbers and six will be a perfect composite number. Also, people need to remember that one is neither prime nor composite.

 On a very general basis, one can even say that prime numbers are the numbers that are only divisible by one or the number itself and another way of defining this is that prime numbers are the positive integers which is not a product of any two positive integers. There is no such comprehensive defined formula to obtain the prime numbers and the only way to reach the prime numbers is to obtain factors of the number.

 The prime numbers were discovered in the 275-194BC in Greece and this was based upon the example of sieving out the prime numbers from a list of natural numbers and draining out the composite numbers. It is very much important for the kids to have a complete idea about the list of prime numbers from 1-100 and further if they are facing any kind of problem then there is no need to worry because they can always indulge in the prime factorisation of the whole thing which will ensure that they will be able to get the best possible answers very easily.

 Two is the only prime number that is even and the rest of all the prime numbers are the odd numbers. On the other hand, the prime numbers which have only one composite number between them will be known as the twin prime numbers of the twin primes. Another definition of the twin prime numbers is that a pair of prime numbers that will differ only by two. So, three and five are the twin primes because the difference between both of them is only number two. 

The pair of numbers which have only one factor in common between them is the co-prime numbers and the prime factors and go by numbers are not the same. 6 and 13 are co-prime because the common factor between both of them is only one. Being clear about the implementation of the concept of prime numbers chart is also very much important for the kids so that they can implement the things perfectly and apart from this being registered on platforms like is a wonderful idea for the kids so that they can score well in the mathematics examination. Apart from this, it is also very much important for the kids to have a clear-cut idea about the composite numbers in the whole process.

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