Understanding The Need Of Pursuing B.Ed. Course

Certainly, many of us used to dream of becoming professional teachers one day. Perhaps it requires dedication on the part of an individual to build a healthy academic system for the country. Being a teacher means that you get the opportunity to educate the children and shape the country’s future. One’s continuous teaching efforts would let children become well-rounded individuals.

To turn one’s dream of becoming a teacher into a reality, he or she has to pursue a graduate degree followed by a two-year B.Ed. course. The B.Ed course helps individuals understand the art of teaching at different school levels.

If you also dream of becoming a professional teacher and want to join B. Ed course, then you must understand the importance of pursuing a B.Ed. course.

B.Ed. Course and its duration

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) is a graduate professional degree that gives all the knowledge, quality, and skills that are required by an individual to become a teacher. This course has gained immense popularity among the Indians. Now before the commencement of the degree, the students have to appear for the B.Ed. entrance exam. However, many universities and colleges offer the course without requiring you to appear for the entrance exam.


The degree of B.Ed. is a 2-year program for those who have already completed their graduation. For candidates who are in the higher secondary stage of school and want to grab the opportunity, NCTE has provided for the same. These candidates can undergo 4 years BA+ B.Ed. and B.Sc. + B.Ed. program and fulfil their wish of becoming a teacher.

Eligibility criteria for B.Ed.

For B.Ed., the candidate must have a minimum qualification of graduation or post-graduation.

For integrated BA and B.Ed. courses, he must have done 10+2with 45% marks.

The students who are in the final year of their graduation can also fill out the B.Ed. entrance exam application form.

The entrance exams are conducted in April-June for admission.

Why is pursuing a B.Ed. course important to becoming a teacher?

Interaction between students and teachers-

One of the major issues faced by teachers while teaching students is their lack of confidence. Consequently, they find it difficult to interact with the students. During the training sessions of the course, the prospective teachers would be taught about how to interact with the students. These training sessions would give them a basic idea of how the future teaching experience will be.

With continuous training sessions and daily interaction with the students, most teachers get both a basic idea and confidence of teaching in front of numerous students. The teachers would be able to make the right ambiance for the classroom only when they are given formal exposure to the teaching world. Moreover, school authorities recruit teachers for the job only after judging their potential in the demo classes. Therefore, to prepare yourself for the recruitment-based demo classes, one must have training experiences from the B.Ed. course.

Understanding different methods and techniques of teaching-

The profession of teaching is far from just opening a book and explaining it to the students. Instead, there are several scientific techniques and teaching methods with the help of which lessons are delivered to the class. These teaching techniques and methods vary as per the requirements of the students. There are separate teaching methods for special children. Henceforth, when an individual pursues a B.Ed. course for the achievement of his teaching goal, he gets detailed training about different teaching techniques and methods.

Online teaching jobs-

Since Covid has greatly impacted the education sector all across the world, online teaching jobs have received a serious boost. Almost all the major teaching institutions and organisations are providing online teaching facilities to their students. Consequently, the demand for teachers who can give online classes has drastically increased. In the B.Ed professional course, the future teachers are taught about various audio-visual teaching programs. Special sessions are arranged for the learners so that they can fully adapt themselves to the online platform so that they can offer smooth education services to the students. Henceforth, if an individual wants to get an online teaching job, he or she must gain a proper understanding of online platforms through a B.Ed. course.

Classroom management-

Another most challenging thing that the teachers face is the management of the classroom. Since it is the most crucial aspect, the curriculum of B.Ed. includes lessons where proper ideas of managing the classroom are given to the learners. The most important responsibility of a teacher is to keep the students engaged and entertained so that they can learn in a healthy environment. It becomes even more important when the students are from the junior classes. Therefore, to grab the student’s attention towards better learning, teachers have to learn about different types of methods that would make the learning process entertaining and fun-filled.

Management of future affairs of the education institution-

The purpose of the B.Ed. course is not just to teach and make people understand teaching skills; instead, it also educates learners in learning about how to work in the administrative aspect of the system. The whole curriculum of B.Ed. helps teachers in knowing how they can contribute to making a healthy education structure.

Henceforth, the B.Ed. course helps the teachers by making them capable of managing future institutional affairs.

Others benefits-

B.Ed. course helps learners in recognising the educational issues at a broader level. It also helps examine the different learning environments, i.e., international, private, government schools, etc. Moreover, a person also acquires several qualities. After pursuing the course, one comes to know about the crucial role that a teacher plays in the socio-cultural and political system of the country.

In India, there are certain courses and exams in which an individual has to appear in to make himself eligible for the profession. B.Ed. course is the most important and compulsory course in India.

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