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UK Scholarships: 5 Best Scholarships in the UK for Indian Students 


When it comes to studying abroad, the UK is among the best countries and students’ first choice. However, the country is also very expensive. A month living in the UK costs pounds equal to 1,22,000 INR. Apart from this, making up money for the tuition fees is a big task, almost impossible. 

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  • Types of Scholarships for Indian Students in the UK
  • Top Scholarships for Indian Students in the UK


Usually, there are three main ways of funding your education in the UK. You can either opt to use up their personal savings, get enrolled in student loans, or apply for scholarships. Among these, getting a scholarship is by far the best option. 

Types of Scholarships for Indian Students in the UK

Looking at scholarship options in the UK, we can categorise them based on who gives them and how they are received. Let us have a look at these individually.

  • Government-based scholarships
  • University-based scholarships
  • Other 
Scholarships  Given By  Value
Government-based scholarships The UK government  Approx 78,840 GBP
University-based scholarships The individual universities Depends on the University
Other  NGOs, individuals, and organisations Depends on Organisation


Let us now have a look at the top universities available for Indian students studying in the UK. 

Top Scholarships for Indian Students in the UK

There are various scholarship options for Indian students in the UK in all three categories mentioned above. Let us have a look at each of them along with their values, eligibility criteria, and names. 

Name Value  Eligibility 
Commonwealth Fellowship Plan One full year of tuition fees, economic flight ticket one way, and other  Commonwealth countries. 
Chevening Scholarships One full year of tuition fees, economic flight ticket one way, living allowances, and other  Global scholarship program courses
Goa Education Trust Scholarships Research fellowships and other expenses  Goa students from India 
British Council Great Scholarships for Indian students £2.6 million in all  Students from select courses 
University of Westminster Scholarship  50%  to 100% funding Brilliant students enrolled in the University of Westminster


It is highly advisable for all Indian students studying in the UK to apply to all the scholarships they are eligible for. 

Here is a list of a few eligibility criteria to apply for scholarships in the UK: 

  1. Must have completed tertiary education in an English medium institution
  2. Excellent academic background
  3. No criminal record
  4. Sports or other bases of consideration
  5. Required IELTS or TOEFL scores*
  6. Required GMAT or GRE scores*
  7. Proof of financial need*

The starred criteria are not compulsory. These are special cases and are required for only select scholarships. For scholarships applicable to only citizens of India or a certain part of India, you might be asked to provide your PAN or Aadhar Card in order to prove your residential address. 

There is usually no compulsion that a single student can have just one scholarship, and if you manage to get yourself several scholarships, you will ease the financial burden on your shoulders by a great deal. If you are looking for scholarships, you can always consult Yocket Study Abroad Experts. Yocket’s Counsellors will help you get expert vision on the best UK scholarships, and how you can build your profile around their requirements! 

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