Education Top Tips for Humanities Candidates

 Top Tips for Humanities Candidates


One of the popular subject streams among students after clearing 10th is humanities. Students step into this field with desired ambition in their heads. Instances show many candidates doing wonders in this field while few tend to drop out unable to bear the magnanimous pressure of studies. If taken a close look, dedication followed by staunch strategies can help them crack the code. 

If you’re one of those enthusiasts who are willing to get into humanities after clearing 10th or are already pursuing it, you’re at the right place. In this article, we will cover some of the most relatable tips that could help you clear your high school with flying colors on a confident note. 

Best Tips for Humanities Candidates

Humanities have some really interesting subjects to read and the preparation plan for the respective subjects would be different. However, there are certain things in common for the subjects in this group and you need to execute them right. Let’s read further to see how these tips can help you crack wonder in your exams. 

Don’t Take Up an Overwhelming Study Load: Most humanities subjects are extensive like political science, geography, economics, and so on. Hence, while preparing a chapter you must break it down into smaller segments instead of trying to cover the whole in one or two days. Many students commit this mistake and end up landing nowhere. Hence, it is important to take it slow and steady. Break the sections into smaller blocks, read and understand them and move on to the next one. This way you get to cover the syllabus and get plenty of time in hand to revise. 

Practice Writing: Another major thing to remember while taking up a humanities subject is the habit of writing. The subjects mostly cover long answers and you need to produce explanatory pieces in the exam hall. If you’re not in the habit of writing regularly, completing the paper on time in the exam hall will be too difficult. Therefore, consider developing this habit beforehand. Whenever you’re done with a particular topic or an answer, write it down in your notebook. 

Also, be in the habit of taking regular running notes. This will help you speed up your pace and you need not worry about finishing the exam on time. You can enroll in an online courses platform, collect the subject-related questions from there and consider writing them. 

Refer to External Sources: Whether you’re studying history or an extensive humanities subject, it’s better to not restrict your knowledge within the textbook. The Internet has allowed individuals from all over the globe to access any information they need at any moment, within a fraction of a second. You can research some authentic sites, Research papers, and publications to gather more information about a related subject. Broadening your perspective not only helps with nice exam grades but serves long-term benefits in your career too. 

Many platforms sell online courses on subject-linked topics. You can sign up for those and retrieve information as required. Studying subjects with in-depth analysis needs you to have a greater understanding of the topic than just having bookish knowledge. 

Here’s a quick recall of what we saw in the article with additional tips: 

  • Ensure you divide the study into smaller blocks that contribute to a better conductance of the study sessions. 
  • Practice writing daily to avoid hassles in the exam hall. 
  • Rather than restricting yourself to bookish knowledge, reach out to possible authentic sources, websites, magazines, and publications to widen your perspective and learning on a particular topic. 
  • When in doubt instead of keeping it to yourself, reach out to the teachers for them to solve it. 
  • While working on an assignment, try producing your creativity the best way possible. 

Wrapping Up

Humanities cover a lot of magnificent subjects and you need to have your plans straight to get it done. A lack of dedication will only distract you from doing better, which you’ll not want for sure. Therefore keep your aim high and continue to work towards it. 

So, which are the subjects that you’re going to pick from humanities in your 12th? 

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