EducationThe Importance Of Online-Based Learning And Education Today 


The Importance Of Online-Based Learning And Education Today 

The new-age technology has revolutionized the education sector and students’ lives. Online-based learning has also influenced teachers’ and educators’ lives as it has made things much better and easier. The invention of these applications has led tutors to make personalized materials and help students do well in their studies. is one such online-based learning platform that has amazing features. Before you go ahead and use the free trial, check out the top features of the application.

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  • Live Online Classes

Through this application, educators can use the whiteboard to teach and explain any subject topic and treat them like regular classes. The collaborative board uses graphs, mathematical equations, upload images, drawings, conduct presentations, and annotations. It also helps in sharing recorded classes to revise and revisit concepts.

  • Lesson Plans

Preparing lesson plans can be a tedious task, but with a suitable platform, you can do it easily. Teachers, admins, and other associated staff can add, view, edit, activate, copy, delete, and deactivate plans in a few clicks. It makes the entire process simple and less time-consuming. With that, you can do more tasks instead of spending a huge amount of time preparing one lesson plan.

  • Analytical Dashboards

The dashboard is designed for a single purpose, your convenience. On the dashboard, teachers, administrators, and students can look for upcoming classes, assessment schedules, the list of assignments, and visible due dates. Educators and students can view classes directly and check grades. It will be easier for them to evaluate students’ performances and track how they have been doing.

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  • Management Controls

Quite advanced features are available on this online-based learning like controlling user access as per roles, managing enrollments, teacher attendance tracking, automatic student tracking, grade reports, invoicing, attendance reports, class notes, emails to students, and parents, etc. Besides that, you can manage fees, enrollments, and generate reports in the best possible way.

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  • Online Assessments

Yes, in Google Forms you can create online assessments, but what if there are multiple choices, match the following, comprehension, and word problems?  With a suitable platform like this, you have the flexibility to create assessments with several types of questions. It uses rich editing tools, and you can access thousands of pre-made assessments with state standards.

  • Feedback and follow-up

Teachers can prepare unique feedback for students and provide them whenever required. In that way, they can notify parents and provide more attention to students who might need additional support. You can also provide specific assignments to a particular section of students within a class or a group.  More Information Visit this site: f95zone

Final Thoughts

In a few years, applications are going to conquer the entire education sector. It shows how people prefer online learning more and more in the upcoming years. Online-based learning promotes sustainability as it eliminates the usage of large amounts of pencils, paper, pens, etc. Get all the elements of collaboration, storage, and auditing essentials for your best free pdf editor documents.

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