EducationThe following are five techniques to speed up your...


The following are five techniques to speed up your essay writing.

Make a plan of action.

Imagine yourself on a vacation. The Lonely Mountain may even be on your schedule if you’re wanting to face off against a very vain dragon in the hopes of stealing some riches. With or without a map, how would you wish to travel? In my perspective, it’s evident that employing the map would save you a large amount of time that would otherwise be lost by rambling around aimlessly.

You should not begin writing an essay without first preparing a map for yourself, just like any adventurous Took. Yes, developing an outline does take time. In the long run, this is time that you will more than make up later in the writing process and that will ultimately enhance your essay-writing pace. For more info, please visit

Take the time to learn.

The preceding step should be followed by this one. So why bother creating a thesis when you can’t back it up by completing research? In your summary, you should incorporate direct quotations from genuine sources. To speed up the process of writing, it’s a good idea to collect quotations from academic publications and books to back up your arguments before you even begin writing. Neither a second breakfast nor Facebook are essential distractions. Sorry.)

Relax and let your ideas to come to you.

Okay. Following the completion of your outline, it is time for you to begin writing your essay. Then you’re still interested in learning how to speed up your writing. You must sit down and begin writing as the first step in the process, my friend. Instead of languishing in self-doubt and contemplating every word, avoid Netflix binges. The best way to get started is to just begin. Don’t worry about how well organised your ideas are; just get those fingers going and start writing. Write. Grammar and punctuation errors, as well as a few paragraphs that don’t make the cut, are almost inevitable. If you don’t start writing right away, you won’t have much to cut, therefore you’ll need to develop your writing speed.

Subdivide your essay into smaller chunks.

When it comes to writing, the “just write” method has its limits. Attempting to get from the Shire to the Lonely Mountain in a day without apocalyptic aeroplanes is one of the most risky aspects of writing an essay at the same time. Rather of addressing an essay all at once, divide it down into digestible parts. It’s important to take breaks when writing and focus on completing each section one at a time. Take a rest after dinner with the dwarves. Prior to visiting Elrond, a little pause. Stop a goblin from being kidnapped. What are your thoughts?

Before returning to editing, take a break.

Consider taking a break before returning to revise your writing. It is much simpler to revise your essay when you have a new viewpoint and a new brain, since the mistakes you made while writing will be more obvious. In the end, your essay will take longer but you’ll spend less time working on it, which means that you’ll have plenty of time to work on other assignments!

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