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Online book club poetry and art contest- Free-to-Enter Contest for Artists, Poets, and Writers


Do you ever search for “art, poetry, and writings contests” on Google? Several legal contests may demand a minimal entrance fee. But a cost is frequently a warning indicator for fraud. So they are the ones you should avoid.

Furthermore, many free writing contests stimulate and promote limitless creativity. Also, these contests provide actual cash rewards and prospects for advancement in your profession. There are a variety of causes why someone would look for free entry poetry and art contests. The chief factor is the financial capability of spending a contest’s entrance fee to take part in there. Not all paid poetry and art contests are a rip-off. There are a variety of genuine paid poetry and art competitions.

However, the legal and reliable Free-to-Enter Contest for Artists, Poets, and Writers is the free entry poetry and art contest. And the winning prize is over $10,000. It is organized by the president of, Scott Hughes.

Well, in this article, you can know the online book club poetry and art contest.

Join poetry and art contest for free

Poetry and art fanatics are constantly looking for their favourite poems and books. Since antiquity, arts and books enthusiasts have been attending to art competitions and bookstores or fairs. It’s a widespread cliché that books are the ideal friends, wholly accurate. Books might be your great companions whenever you don’t have anyone to speak to. Poems enthusiasts have a God-given ability for creating wonders. Poems and art enthusiasts organized contests and exhibitions for many other art aficionados. However, times have evolved, and online poetry and art competitions have taken the form of worldwide contests. Most web bookstores cater to both bookworms and art collectors. Such sites also host virtual contests, such as the Online Book Club poetry and art contest, where anyone can participate freely.

Know about Online Bookclub

The Online Book Club is dedicated to poets, artists and writers. You can connect to this forum if you enjoy reading books and discussing them. Anyone may explore the ebooks. On this portal, users can speed on the newest publications and their accessibility. There are several categories and topics from which to choose. You are free to enter any group that makes you interested. The following are some of the categories:

The poetry and art competition of the online book club

The Online Book Club is a site that connects art and book enthusiasts worldwide. They’ve recently declared an art and poetry competition with many awards for book aficionados. The OnlineBookClub Poetry and Art Contest allow art enthusiasts to exhibit their skills while winning compelling rewards. The $10,000 prizemoney has been released, and it will be divided amongst the main winners and additional victors. The top prize is $1000, while the other prizes are $100. It is definitely a fascinating competition for artists. Artists and poets from all around the globe are eligible to join.

Requirements for participating in the competition

At online book club, you may enter the contest for free through this link The following topics are acceptable for submission:

  • Visual art
  • Poems
  • Short stories
  • Songs and more.

Genuine and previously unreleased contents are necessary. Previously published content will not be allowed. In addition, the winners’ work will be included in an extensive anthology with widespread distribution. If you haven’t completed the work you’d like to submit, you can continue the submission procedure. Submissions have to be unique and unpublished, and free of plagiarism. Also, you don’t have to follow any words limitations for short stories or other works.
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