Jenkins Certification Online Certification 2022

When you have heard a lot about Jenkins Certification but aren’t sure what it entails, there will be a lot of questions. How much will it cost, the period to finish, or what professional benefits you may expect? We have all the answers. We’ll walk you through the course duration, expenses, and timeframe, as well as the potential rewards of a career in IT. We framed the following details concerning Jenkins training Certification for your help in selecting the right course at the right place.

Jenkins Certification Information:

Jenkins Certification is a high-level certification that verifies that a person has the necessary abilities and experience to use the Jenkins programming language. The Certified Jenkins Engineer (CJE) and the Certified Jenkins Platform Engineer (CJE) are two types of Jenkins certificates (CJPE). These certifications identify you as a computer programming language specialist who can handle the language with skill and honesty.

Jenkins is an open-source automation server with various plugins to let users build, deploy, and use automation in their projects. Installing a computer programming language is simple, but building and integrating servers for automation chores needs a high level of knowledge. Jenkins is responsible for the widely used CI and CD tools that we hear so much about in the IT community.

1. Udemy’s Jenkins: From Zero to Hero: Become a DevOps Jenkins Master:

Here, you will learn about using Jenkins and how to combine it with Docker, AWS, GIT, Email, Maven, Ansible, and other tools. You’ll learn how to use DevOps tools in a coordinated manner. Also, be familiar with continuous integration and deployment techniques. There will be 174 lectures totaling 10 hours, 37 minutes, and 23 seconds in the course.


2. Udemy’s Jenkins 2 Bootcamp 2019: Fully Automate Builds to Deployment:

This course covers the fundamentals of continuous inspection, integration, and deployment. You will learn the installation of the Jenkins CI server on a Windows machine. You can learn about various strategies and get hands-on experience through Jenkins training for the integration system. The course will consist of 86 lectures totaling 6 hours, 23 minutes, and 49 seconds in length.

3. Udemy’s DevOps with Jenkins, Artifactory, Sonar, ELK, and JIRA:

Be prepared to learn about creating a DevOps environment for your company, defining the toolchain, applying numerous use cases, and setting up essential categories in the DevOps toolset. The course will include a 6.5-hour on-demand video, 13 downloadable resources, and unlimited access for the course duration. The course’s prerequisites are a fundamental familiarity with the SDLC life cycle, source code management, and Java programming language using Spring boot and tools like Maven.

4. Udemy teaches DevOps: Ci/CD with Jenkins using Pipelines and Docker:

It will teach you about the configuration of Jenkins utilizing Docker, Jobs DSL, and Jenkins Pipelines to execute continuous integration inside your software development lifecycle. You’ll also learn how to modify the Jenkins User Interface’s login and authorization processes to improve security. After passing the certification, you’ll be able to use Docker to install Jenkins and use plugins to combine Jenkins with popular development tools. The course will be divided into 52 lectures with 4 hours, 40 minutes, and 56 seconds.

5. Udemy’s DevOps: Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery with Jenkins Pipelines, Maven, and Gradle:

Using Roundhouse, you will study real-world software applications and automatically govern database structure. The course will consist of 30 lectures totaling 3 hours, 27 minutes, and 28 seconds. This course requires access to a computer system with the necessary software installed. Basic knowledge of the software development process will be an added benefit. You can start with Jenkins’ continuous integration process.

6. CloudBees University’s Jenkins Pipeline- Fundamentals:

This CloudBees University course will teach you how to use the Blue Ocean Editor to construct and execute Declarative Pipelines. You’ll learn how to control the execution flow, save and use files, and offer fit and finish to the Pipeline. The course might take up to 8 hours to complete.

7. CloudBees University’s Jenkins Pipeline – Intermediate:

Create, run, evaluate, and save scripted Pipelines, shared libraries, and Freestyle Chained jobs to Pipeline with this CloudBees University course. With the Pipeline, you will grasp the tools such as Maven, Gradle, and NPM. The course might take up to 8 hours to complete.

8. CloudBees University’s Jenkins- Fundamentals:

It’s now time for the treat, where you can get free Jenkins training and certificates. Try this free course if you’re not convinced, which gives you a sneak peek inside a Jenkins learning experience. This CloudBees University course will teach you about Jenkins and its function in the software development cycle. You’ll learn to use the Jenkins dashboard to manage Jenkins instances, secure them, and add plugins. Learn how to use Pipelines to build applications and build Oceans and Jenkins to monitor builds.

9. CloudBees University’s Jenkins Administration – Fundamentals:

This CloudBees University course will help you become more efficient as a Jenkins administrator by teaching you best practices and providing you with more knowledge. Jenkins’ open-source functionality will become available to you. The course might take up to 8 hours to complete.

10. CI/CD Pipelines with Jenkins Certification Training Course – Simplilearn

This course will teach you about server automation, building pipelines, continuous integration, and configuration tools. It will also teach you about implementing and deploying codes in the DevOps environment. You will get an intensive course with special hands-on training and practice assignments.


Jenkins training Certification will take less time than any other certification and provide an IT professional with a cutting-edge advantage. You need to manage your daily routine and make a genuine effort to learn and practice Jenkins Certification. This way, you’ll become an expert in this programming language in no time, and you’ll have access to a slew of new prospects for career advancement.

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