EducationIMO Class 6 Eligibility Criteria 2021

IMO Class 6 Eligibility Criteria 2021


The International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) is a high school mathematics competition held across the world. The main goal of this exam is to identify and excite the numerical imagination of children in Indian and international schools. This test is held once a year in a different country. The primary IMO Exam was held in 1959 in Romania, in which 7 nations showed an interest. It has progressively spread over the world, with 100 nations spanning five continents. The IMO Board ensures that each host country follows the IMO’s rules and regulations.

Who is eligible to compete in the Olympiad?

Students in grades 1 through 12 are eligible to compete in the first-level Olympiads. There could be no other criterion for qualifying except the lowest number of stamps. Understudies who are qualified for the second level examination are included.

  • The top 5% of understudies who show up for the first level test have the most group savvy.
  • Top 25 place holders in each class in Zone shrewdness
  • Class clinchers from each fascinating school, when approximately ten understudies from a class show up for the test and achieve half qualifying scores.
  • Understudies in classes 1 and 2 are not required to take the second level test and are placed based on their performance in the first level test.

What is the Olympiad’s curriculum?

The Olympiads’ prospectus is the timetable as approved by the CBSE, ICSE, and several state sheets. If you sit for the next even out and have gone on to the next class, your timetable will be the same as previously (for example of the last class). The prospectus’ nuances are also available on the Foundation’s website. To get the prospectus IMO Syllabus, please click the link below.

Tips for the Olympiad examinations in general:

Regardless of whether you are a novice or a seasoned competitor, a thorough understanding of the Olympic Games preparation is a must.

Inquiries in Olympiad examinations are more difficult to answer than in regular school tests. They put your ideas to the test. Consider fresh possibilities.

The olympiad placements will also boost your profile, allowing you to get straight admission to many of the world’s finest universities. Don’t tamper with them this way.

What do you need to think about?

70% of the prospectus from the previous class is used in the major level test. You should practice using IMO papers from previous years. Examine the prospectus to identify and hunt out essential sources to focus on the many IMO topics.

Refine your skills with our IMO Olympiad exam papers collection, which requires the use of study materials: Prepare your review materials ahead of time. Try not to waste time attempting to focus on stuff when you don’t have a second to spare.

The pattern of Testing:

The IMO level inquiries are computed in such a way that the questions presented are not based on direct knowledge about ideas, but rather on an understanding of how ideas are used. You should also be familiar with the application of concepts, which you may learn about under the “Achievers Section,” where problems need a high degree of application of ideas. You must grasp the concept and the example, and you must complete Mathematical Olympiad test questions based on the exact example of the level 1 IMO question papers from a year ago.

Begin preparing yourself today:

Most understudies who want to attain IMO level 1 have already started studying for the exam. Examine the IMO Sample Paper 2 Class 6 to get knowledge from previous years’ sample papers. Keep up to date with the prospectus by using Google Office, and be aware of the competition’s sincerity. In such cases, only the authorities should be trusted. Make the internet a friend, not an adversary, to your success.

Feel the frantic situation:

To overcome this tumultuous situation, you should practice with real-time pressure and an identical set of questions. The authentic IMO question paper is incredibly long, and it takes a great deal of practice to complete it in the allotted time. Attempting math problems online will not provide a significant benefit to anyone. To complete the questions promptly, you should practice using printed copies.

Making the most of your time:

Make a timetable for yourself and stick to it. Experiment with a variety of questions. Work on the areas of your body that are most vulnerable. If you don’t want to overwork yourself, start planning far ahead of time. Always keep in mind that time does not wait for anybody. Before you start preparing, make a plan or a schedule. The best strategy to do well on this test is to be honest about what you’re studying.


In any industry, including IMO, success is not a once-in-a-lifetime event. It necessitates a great deal of rigorous effort and constant energy. Don’t give up if you don’t notice progress right away. Continue to push yourself forward. Sooner or later, the results would be better.

Usual Procedure:

Arithmetic is something you should certainly practice. If you strive hard and cover every aspect of the subject, you might be able to grasp the concepts. It will provide assurance and promote the ability to deal with any problem. Practice as though you’ve always lost and keep going as if you’ll never lose.

Day by day, set new goals for yourself:

Your competition with oneself will undoubtedly improve your talents. Go over the IMO prospectus a few times and make sure you have all of the information you’ll need. Call a few friends who are also taking the test to make sure you haven’t missed anything important in the prospectus. There are also reputable internet-based organizations that can perform the essential research and offer you the entire timetable in an easy-to-understand format.

Fixation and dedication:

Full-fledged research Diverting your attention away from your focus and dedication will not burn up your time. Make time in your schedule to read through sample papers and answer those questions. Arrange some mock examinations to help you evaluate your progress. You will be astounded by the results of practice, practice, and more practice. In any event, wise deliberation is just as important as really hitting the books. Look for patterns in the sample papers and use them to your advantage. Additionally, rather than going the long route, try to identify easier solutions to problems.

Take a close look at your progress:

Know where you stand and where you need to be to keep track of your progress. For the Maths Olympiad, modification is a crucial piece of reading. Take notes or generate prompt cards for yourself while you learn. When you’re ready to start updating, the points in your notes will help you refresh your memory on all you’ve learned. The signal cards are another way to change what you’ve seen. They don’t have to be as detailed as the notes, but they should include enough points to help you study subjects if you get stuck.

Keep Weakness and Dizziness at Bay:

To deal with complex numerical challenges, the mind must be peaceful, creative, and loose. Try not to give up too soon before the exam. Before the test, get plenty of rest in the evening. It’s also important to go out of your cave now and again and take a break from thinking. This is crucial since it is easy to wear out. While it may not appear on the surface, inner burnout is a very real possibility in such situations. A routine of healthy exercise, decent eating, and frequent breaks will not only help you avoid being exhausted but will also help you concentrate and concentrate better.

During your breaks, avoid speaking with friends who are also preparing for the test, and avoid engaging in habit-forming activities such as computer games, TV shows, long-distance races, and so on. It’s natural to get carried away with these pleasurable workouts and stray from the established schedule. Propel yourself by assuming that no one else will do it for you.

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