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I Want to Look Good for My First Day of College

New Clothes Are a Must

I’m so excited to go to college, even though there is a whole lot of shopping to do beforehand! In high school, I had to wear a tight, scratchy uniform and a clunky backpack, but now, I’m allowed to express myself in any way I choose. It’s a lot of pressure, but the goal is to leave a lasting first impression on my peers—after all, they’ll be looking their best, so why shouldn’t I?

This is a huge transition, and I want it to go as smoothly as possible and make friends in the process. I’m thinking of some subtle but stylish outfits that won’t make me look like an attention-seeker—in other words, I’d love to wear pieces that quietly stun. I’m also going to buy many other items that fall into two categories: casual and sophisticated. Everyday clothes are just as important as fancy ones! And how could I forget to buy a few gorgeous new pairs of shoes?

Improving my Guitar Skills to Stand Out Better

I’ve been practicing guitar a lot recently, and my skills have improved significantly. Still, there is a lot more to do; I want to learn how to play the electric guitar and figure out the best way to keep my calm onstage. My overarching aim is to be able to play on command without making mistakes, not to mention to memorize popular songs for maximum crowd-pleasing!

What sets a great guitarist apart from an ordinary one is how motivated they are to hone their craft. I want to be great—I might even join a band to forge myself a reputation in the music community. What a fun, exciting way to let loose and carve out a niche for myself!

Addressing My Acne so I Can Thrive Socially

Ever since I went through puberty, my acne has been a serious problem, and in some ways, it has impeded my social life—people look at me like I’m a monster! That’s why I’m excited to get rid of these blemishes with some facial rejuvenation techniques.

Facial rejuvenation, for the uninitiated, is a slew of health and wellness techniques that can completely overhaul your appearance; it comprises aesthetic habits, like daily cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing, and more complicated cosmetic procedures like lasers, fillers, and even specialized treatments, like a male facelift.

With the new skincare routine, I’ve been trying out, it seems like my breakouts are becoming less frequent, which I’m thrilled about. I want a girlfriend and lots of friends while I’m here, and fresh starts like these call for a clear, handsome face!

Getting and Maintaining a Better Hairstyle

I’ve had long hair since grade school, and have embraced the rocker lifestyle—that is, until a few weeks ago. The future calls for something hipper and more stylish. Cutting my hair, for example, is an easy way to look older, but I’m not going for a full-on military buzzcut; instead, I want a sleek, gelled look. I also plan to experiment with different styles throughout the year to keep things fresh and interesting, and might even try waxing my eyebrows, which is something that most men neglect to do. The last thing I want is to have a long, unattractive unibrow!

Using Teeth Whitening Strips

My teeth aren’t the whitest around—years of drinking soda and coffee have stained them yellow. This doesn’t mean that I can’t change the way they look, though; I’m going to religiously apply whitening strips and remember to brush my teeth after every meal.

I won’t be able to let go of every bad junk food habit but doing my best to take care of my teeth will be hugely important, especially if I want to ask out girls and make real connections with interesting people. Having a bright smile is one of the most integral parts of a truly attractive person, so I’m going to work as hard as I can to keep my teeth looking sparkly!

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