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How to teach new words to class 2 students


Teaching small children is a difficult task because they begin to play in between lessons. However, it is critical to make them learn at this age because their brain is like wet soil that can take shape with good knowledge. And the knowledge they will learn at this age will help them in their lifetime.

Furthermore, English is a compulsory subject as it is used in many interviews and even in official exams and jobs. A good vocabulary will also give your child an advantage over its peers.

You can begin teaching your child at this age and use a variety of activities to help your child learn new words.

So, without further ado, let us dive right into the article and understand it well.

Different activities to make your child learning fun

Learning new words for your child is difficult without playing different activities with them. And in this section let’s discuss some of the activities to make your child learn new words.

Talk to them in English

It is the most effective way to teach your child new words. Because parents are a child’s first teacher, parents communicating with their child has a significant impact on his mind. Talk to them in English, ask them about their day, tell them about yours, and so on.

Read with your child daily

If you force your child to read or learn, they will never memorize it. So, always sit with them and learn new words with an illustrated book. Read books to your child as many times as he or she wants; repetition aids comprehension and learning new words.

Give live examples

Since your child’s brain is still developing, you can easily teach him various new words using real-world examples. For example, if you are going for a walk with your child, show him items such as a car,  bicycle,  street lamp, etc., and encourage him to learn these words.

Daily read story with your child

Have a conversation while reading a story with your child. Pose questions to your child about the story and illustrations. Assist your child in making predictions about what will happen next in the story. Explain the meaning of unfamiliar or intriguing words. Make connections to your family, community, or experiences.

Use different activities like

  • Tape the letters of the alphabet to a wall after writing them on index cards. Allow your child to assist you in locating images that correspond to the beginning sounds of the letters, and then tape the images beneath the letters. To begin, simply create one index card with the first letter of your child’s name.
  • Allow your child to play with food boxes, pointing out the words and explaining what each item is. Discuss their favorite food, and then assist them in writing or building the word with plastic letters.
  • You can bring out the menus from the restaurants if possible. And then make them draw the same dish that is written in the menu. It will make them learn new words, and also make their imagination strong.
  • Label items in your home so that your child can associate a word with its meaning. Write the word in large, legible letters on an index card.

Watch English children’s movies

There are several movies for children, such as The Lion King, The Princess Diaries, Squat Little, and others. Watching these movies can serve two purposes as you can spend time with your child after a busy schedule, and your child will learn new words.

Read poems together

Every parent engages in this activity with their child. However, how they make their child learn poems is distinct from ideal. They should make their child read a poem and then explain its meaning to them. Several children know the lines of poems and can sing them, however, they are unaware of their true meaning.

How can NCERT books help with vocab?

NCERT books are thorough and accomplished, and they may be the best book for your child. NCERT Books Class 2 English is full of pictures and medium-level words, making learning fun and interesting for your child. You must ensure that your child reads the books thoroughly and understands the sentences.

Let’s go over some of the most notable features of NCERT.

Medium level words

NCERT books cover medium-level vocabulary that is neither too difficult nor too easy for your child. These books are designed and updated following the syllabus for class 2nd  so they won’t put stress on your child.

Clears fundamental concepts

NCERT books are written from the perspective of a student. As a result, each topic is covered thoroughly with simplicity.

Different activities after every chapter

There are several activities after each chapter of the NCERT books for second grade, especially in English. At first, there is a short chapter presented with pictures and sentences, after which there are several engrossing activities that make your child learn new words at a fast pace.

Is NCERT enough for your child?

Though there is no specific Class 2 vocabulary curriculum. Since the child is young, he/she can only learn vocabulary at an intermediate level, and the NCERT is structured in the same way.

Yes, NCERT can be considered sufficient, but only for theoretical knowledge.

  • However, because a child’s brain is still developing, you can’t force them to learn new words by simply reading theory to them.

So, the best method to strengthen your child’s vocabulary is to combine theoretical knowledge and practical activities. As discussed in the article.


Though we have already discussed in the article that there should be a balance of practical activities and theoretical concepts to help a small child learn vocabulary. And in this article, we discussed both theoretical methods as well as several activities you can use to make your child’s learning fun. Though this is the best time to teach your child new words, keep the pace slow so that they can enjoy their learning without feeling burdened.

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