EducationHow to succeed in essay writing

How to succeed in essay writing


This discussion never stops. What’s more crucial for succeeding in any endeavor – talent or efforts? The truth is that combination of both works best. Of course, natural talents can help and speed up progress. But some skills like writing are acquired. It means that anyone can learn it. 

It is especially true for writing academic papers. They demand less creativity and more structure. Knowing the format and careful following of the instructions ensure the best results. We’ve collected in this article steps for your success in essay writing.

  • Reinforce Your Writing Skills

An essay is an academic format used in all the classes on all the education levels. You may have tens of professors requiring you to use this kind of academic paper. And only one class where you learn how to write it. So, you may want to improve your knowledge of language nuances. Try enrolling in the courses on creative or academic writing. You can also find specialized courses on essays, grammar, or style.

Most colleges offer such courses regularly. They should be available for anyone willing to join. You can find many options online for faster completion of a program. You can choose to study English Composition. Or complete a series of courses teaching you how to be more persuasive with words. Both on-campus and online courses would raise your belief in your abilities to write well. These learning resources can bring you to a higher level of language proficiency. If you need to improve your vocabulary in more advanced aspects of language science – opt for more practical focused learning sources. Extra education would boost your potential as a bonus.

  • Prioritize Research

Do you need to improvise or recount a very personal story? Then prior research on the topic is inevitable. Writing based on your thoughts only is tiresome. It requires significant emotional investing as well. And it may still be in vain. Any kind of academic writing checks your deep understanding of the subject. No matter how original your opinion is. It’s important to prove your knowledge of the basics.

What about the essays with your personal views and no outside resources allowed? It’s useful to understand the available information on the subject and absorb some wider context. Diligent research also helps build your opinion and choose the arguments to support it. Many essays require quotes and paraphrased ideas from relevant sources. One can do this correctly only with an extensive selection of sources and active reading. It happens quite often. A writer with a blank page crisis gets inspiration from a quote or even a random sentence.

  • Master the Structures and Outlines

There is a truly valuable tip among advice on essay writing. Imagine an outline of your essay as a skeleton. The words and arguments are flesh to be attached to those bones. A good outline is a solid foundation for inspiration. It leads the flow of your ideas. 

So, what’s an outline? It is a detailed plan for your future essay. Like a map for a journey. Or a formula for equation. Academic writing leans more toward strict rule-following than untamed creativity. And every kind of essay has its typical structure and content elements. 

Let’s take a traditional 5-paragraph essay as an example. Its structure would look like the following:

  • Introduction with the thesis statement
  • Argument 1
  • Argument 2/Counterargument
  • Argument 3/ Argument 3 – Counterargument
  • Conclusions 

You’d need to add a clear one-sentence thesis statement for a good outline. Then add the ideas for arguments. And choose relevant references and quotes for each point. It may look time-consuming and extensive for a short essay. But longer papers with complex requirements would only benefit from these preparatory efforts. 

And even bigger benefit is that you can ask anyone for help with essay writing. And have your opinions and approach used. This way you can apply to professional writing agencies and order quite a cheap essay. You have done the key research and planning yourself.

  • Find Help from Digital Tools

Artificial intelligence is rapidly developing and getting smarter every day. But its capacities are still limited. No robot would write you an essay that would look natural and human-like. The good news is that AI can help a lot with essay writing in other ways. Many useful apps can improve your texts on different levels. 

The most popular services to help you are the spell-checking tools. You can use them while typing to avoid mistakes. Some of these advanced helpers also detect stylistic and lexical issues. They even suggest new wording and better punctuation.

Among more advanced options come automatization services. For instance, you can properly format the list of sources used for your essay with just one click. Proper formatting of the references in line with all the citation style requirements takes a lot of time. Delegating this task to a special tool is a valuable option. 

Let’s not forget about plagiarism checkers. Sometimes, plagiarism avoidance rules become so complex and confusing. It may be very challenging to ensure that your work is original. You can write the whole paper based on your thoughts and opinions. But such digital tools could highlight not properly referenced quotes or unconscious similarities. 

Do you want to succeed in essay writing? Don`t stop improving your skills by continued learning and practicing. Such key steps in the writing process as research and outline drafting create a solid foundation for creativity. It’s reasonable to use as much help as possible with your academic writing tasks. The easiest way to get help is to use the relevant digital tools to check your spelling, grammar, or formatting. Combine your natural skills, deliberate practice, and digital tools. Thus, your essays come close to perfection.

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