How to manage both CLAT and board exam preparation?

Common-Law admission test is one of the most significant entrance exams for law aspirants all over India. A prominent exam plays a decisive role in fetching aspirants’ seats in India’s most prestigious national law universities. A few NLUs with limited seats and aspirants in thousands compete for it. This brings more stress to prepare for the CLAT 2022 exam.

Apart from that, the law is a career program that most students pursue after class 12th. Although there is no age limit, you can find the maximum crowd from class 12th. In such cases, what creates hassle in preparation for CLAT during the class 12th board exam? The CLAT schedule is closer to the class 12th board exam. The aspirants have to appear CLAT days after the 12th.

On the other hand, CLAT and class 12th syllabus are completely different. In the CLAT preparations, you need to improve reasoning skills, aptitude, and legal knowledge; in contrast, class 12th preparation demands studying core academics. This brings a do-or-die situation for all the class 12th students. If you are in your class 12th, and you are aspiring for CLAT, this editorial will guide you about some strategies and tips to manage CLAT and board exams at a time.

Start your CLAT Preparation early

The most imperative strategy for your CLAT and board preparation is starting early. All the students are not fortunate enough to determine their objective in school time. If you are already clear about your goals, you should start acting on them. Class 12th board exam preparation demands the last 8 months of your time. However, you can start your CLAT preparation earlier than that. It will help you cover up the maximum syllabus from your CLAT test. After the class 12th board exam, you can start your revisions.

However, the current affair is a part of the syllabus that requires everyday reading. If you can divide your everyday schedule carefully, you can easily manage preparation for both exams. Besides, summer vacation is a great time to complete your CLAT syllabus. You can utilize that time to grasp maximum knowledge.

Be determined 

Another imperative strategy besides smart management of syllabus is determination. When you are quite clear about your objective, you need to upskill yourself and multitask. Stronger determination makes you accomplish your long terms even after having many obstacles. Aspirants who are determined can manage both the preparation quite efficiently. No doubt, you have to extend your daily routine to attain your preparation objective.

Make a blueprint for the journey

The journey between exams to the initial preparation time is the crucial part that decides your results. The more efficiently you plan your journey, the better would be your destination. In such cases, when you are preparing for your class 12th and CLAT at a time, you need to create your schedule for every day. Make a routine and divide your time efficiently to complete both the syllabus on time. However, no doubt, the final few months of board exams need all your focus on core subjects. The class 12th score decides your selections as well. So, make sure you are winning both wars.

Approach to a CLAT coach

Managing CLAT and board will sometimes test you as an aspirant. You can get confused about your preparations most of the time. In such cases, you need a mentor to guide you. CLAT coach can help you manage your preparation quite efficiently. They have immense years of expertise. They know what part of the syllabus you should focus on to ensure your selection. So, this, in return, would reduce unnecessary parts in your prep.

Join online CLAT coaching platform 

When you are preparing for your class 12th board, and CLAT a time, it becomes quite monotonous to manage everything yourself. Instead, you need a competitive platform to guide you. Undoubtedly, you cannot go out and waste time commuting during board exams. But you can always enroll for online CLAT coaching. Many advanced platforms empower you to complete your CLAT preparation by offering convenient coaching.

Further, recorded classes help you read in your own time. Despite staying engaged with the class 12th syllabus the whole day, you can have a glance at CLAT coaching with these online platforms.

Always stick to the basics

The final strategy is to stick to the basics. Don’t follow high-profile books for your class 12th board exams. You will face all your questions from NECRT books, so you should follow the same. Reading extra books will create pressure, and you won’t be able to focus on CLAT.


On the final note, these are some strategies that will help you manage your class 12th board and CLAT preparation time. Now that you are aware, you should manage your time efficiently. Staying focused will always help you accomplish your goals.

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