Encourage positive behavior in students: Tips for teachers

” Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive because your words become your behavior. Keep your behavior positive because your behavior becomes your habit. Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values. Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny.” – Mahatma Gandhi.

Positive behaviors are the actions that people do to create a positive lifestyle and environment of working. For students, positive behavior and its actions involve active listening, talking, interacting, and achieving the planned educational goals and objectives.

How teachers can encourage positive behavior in students?

Teachers play a very integral role in building positive behaviors, the right attitude, and approaches in the students. Let us discuss some very effective tips which teachers can practice to achieve better behavior among the learners.

  1. Include fun activities: including fun activities for encouraging good behavior and attitude of students towards learning and education is important. Behavior such as poor concentration, laziness, and following unhealthy habits in learning is very challenging for both teachers and students. To make students more engaged and positive in learning, teachers must include active learning activities in the classroom. These activities increase laughter, fun by which students become stress-free and quite positive towards their learning.
  2. Teach them healthy habits: People who follow a healthy lifestyle are more positive and active in life. The students who are lazy, eat inappropriate food, have incomplete sleeping schedules are often irritated and moody in learning. Following good habits can prevent this. Teachers should teach students healthy habits and active leading qualities using social emotional learning programs. These skills will last a lifetime.
  • Physical activities – tell your students to do any form of physical workout to keep them healthy, fit, active, and positive by mind and body. Teachers can also include physical activities in their teaching schedules and classroom such as dancing, music, sports classes, games period, etc.
  • Taking rest – to stay positive and active, taking rest and breaks are essential. To keep students properly engaged and involved in classrooms, teachers should also give a short break in between. Also, ask them to take a proper five to seven hours deep sleep.
  • Nutritious eating – unhealthy binging, eating junk food, consuming soft drinks, etc can be very harmful to the students. It makes students lazy, sluggish, and quite inactive. All these affect building a positive environment. Teachers should encourage students to eat healthy to stay fit, active, and positive.
  1. Understand their feelings: understanding and acknowledging the feelings and emotions of the students are very important to build a positive and healthy environment for them. Many times, students are not very expressive and hence express themselves via their behavior of talking, interacting, etc. Teachers should develop a very good understandable bond with their learners, where they can express themselves easily without the fear of being judged. Teach them how by having a positive approach they can live a better life. In this regard,
  • Teachers can practice open-ended questioning techniques.
  • Include motivational quotes to encourage students to keep moving and staying healthy. One of such quotes that inspires all is ” Good behavior is important, it can change the people, and good people can change the world. ” by Dipanjan Dey.
  • Listen to them and inhibit the expressions which show faith, and affection. Also, teachers should give individual time to all the students respectively. This will help in boosting them for developing a positive approach towards living and learning.
  1. Yourself showcase positive behavior: students quickly grab the interactive things that they see their teachers modeling and showcasing. The best way by which teachers can make students adapt to goodness and positivity is by modeling it themselves. Your power of influencing students to adapt to your skills can be of great help in this regard. For example, if a problematic situation arises, and instead of being hyped and stressed, teachers show patience, calm, and good problem-solving skills, then students will also learn and practice the same. Also, teachers can incorporate reading motivational quotes in their classes. This practice will encourage students to get motivated and inspired by doing the same.
  2. Create and make sure to get routines followed: teaching and learning effectively require following a routine and pattern. Teachers should create proper teaching routines and patterns for the classes. If proper routines are not followed, students don’t study appropriately which affects the stability of learning and student behavior as well. Teachers should create a schedule that every student must follow. This can include lecturing, active participation, group discussion activities, time for co-curricular activities, a short break in between, doubt classes, and much more. This will keep students active and also ensure a systematic and organized life. All these things help students to overcome the challenges to show good and positive behaviors.


All these above-mentioned tips and techniques will help teachers to encourage students to develop positive behavior.

In this regard, teachers should try to be compassionate and patient with the learners. This procedure takes time, but by following the right practices, slowly and gradually you will accomplish your goal in building positive behaviors and effective approaches in learners. This will not only help students in receiving quality education but also in developing healthy interpersonal relationships, peer interactions, and also great career opportunities for themselves.

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